Black Poetry : Wonder (sad)

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    When you feel down, and no one is around.
    When no one is there to call a friend.
    When you fall and you pick yur own self up.
    When you feel like you want to smile,all you can do is frown.
    When you want love but it's impossible to give it to your self.
    When you search for hapiness, all to be found is sadness.
    When you search for the light all you end up in is darkness.

    You shout to be heard.......
    But all you hear in return is your echoe...

    You cry.. no one is there to Dry your tears.
    You wonder when will you take your last breathe..
    All your faith is Gone!
    And love seems to wonder way beyond!
    When will you be happy?
    And that you'll never know.

    Just Live Your Life the best way you can,
    And someday your pain will come to an end