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    I was reading a sewing blog. I love to sew btw, and sew A LOT. Anywho... The topic was on day dresses. Dresses women used to wear in the 30's-50's to handle their household business. The blog showed examples of garments that had potholder, oven mits and aprons as part of the garment! Some women were outraged that the (young and modern) author of the blog seemed to make demeaning comment about being a home maker. (She didn't. I read it twice to make sure. I guess hit dog will holler.) But what got me was the thought that women have it different now than then.

    The argument was that women now had the option of being a home maker or working outside the home. Hmmmm.... No. Most of the women I know work because they HAVE too not because they want to. Most of the women I know who aren't working aren't working because they can't find a job. And there really is no Equality in domestic work unless men have that same option. What whould you say if you saw a man who stayed home with or without babies while his wife worked. Is that even allowed?

    What I'm saying is this myth that women have all these options is just that. A myth. I had the privelege of being a homemaker for a few years and let me tell you.... I loved it. But the whole time I worked (and it was work) it I knew it wasn't permanent. Today's lifestyle is not suited for one party to stay at home. Things are far too expensive for that to work. Ask one of today's men if they even feel comfortable with the idea of being the sole breadwinner. I won't touch that.

    I do have to ask what have women given up since we went to work outside the home in earnest? Women used to live longer than men and there were some chronic illnesses that used to only torment men. Now men live as long as women (or are women's lifespans cut short) and they share the same ailments. Hmmmmm..... Women now have the same stresses as men.

    Where do the babies fall in this mishigas? Latch-key-ism is more common than a parent opening the door for children after school. My mother used to feel major guilt about me having to let myself in the house when I was a young girl. Now folks have afterschool care for children. WTH is that? They didn't have that when I was a kid. Afterschool care might have been going to a neighbors's house until Mommie got home. More babies eat microwaved meals than homecooked meals (do people really cook anymore?) because their parents are busy earning their gold. My mother cooked home cooked meals while working 2 jobs until I was a teenager. Then I cooked.

    The question is this; are we better now or then? Are women better off? Are men better off? Are are babies being short changed? Is this something we need to consider for our future? Which one was better? Is there a better option?

    Here is the blog:
    Read the comments that's where things get going.

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    Funny, I know more women who wold rather work than stay at home. My close friends love to work...And they thrive off of their careers.

    I see more men doing this now, then they were before.

    Guys I know would rather stay at home and have the women be the breadwinner and spend her money.

    There was after school daycare even when I was little (1980s) this isn't new.

    And as far as your main questions:

    I think as a whole there isn't enough family time like there used too be. Especially when mom and dad are both working.

    I don't care who is working as long as there is someone in the home when the kids get home from school.

    My mom liked being a homemaker but not all the time, but she also wanted to work to get out of the she either had a part-time work or volunteered.