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    [Col. Writ. 3/23/06] Copyright 2006 Mumia Abu-Jamal

    As some groups celebrate Women's History Month, they do so in societies
    that are hostile to women, and which pays lip service to Women's
    History, while actually celebrating themselves.

    By this I mean, in most recollections of such history, are named those
    women who have served the State in some way, as politicians.

    They are celebrated because they supported State power, which is, by
    definition, male supremacy.

    Rarely are real rebels celebrated, for real rebels have opposed the
    State, especially when they have been anti-capitalist or anti-imperialist.

    Put quite another way, few will celebrate the works of the brilliant
    German revolutionary, Rosa Luxemburg (1871-1919).

    Few in this country will celebrate the continuing works of the brilliant
    Angela Y. Davis, scholar/activist and educator.

    Few officials will mark the month by remembering people like the
    courageous voting rights fighter, Fannie Lou Hamer, or the steadfast
    organizer and teacher, Ella Baker, or a dozen other brave souls like
    them, who made movements possible, by building them at the grassroots.

    Indeed, there can be no real 'Women's History Month', without the
    recognition that such a month is but a political construction that
    ignores great, buried truths.

    Like any real history would be a 'herstory', for to go to the beginning
    is to go to a woman. For every being that lives on this earth today, of
    every race and clime, from Inuits in the North, to the AmaZulu in
    Southern Africa, have a common mother -- an African mother who
    generously donated her mitochondrial DNA to her children, and this
    genetic gift lives in the cell of all who dwell on earth today.

    None other than Huey P. Newton, late founder of the Black Panther Party,
    wrote, as early as 1974, of the research of psycho-biologist Mary Jane
    Sherfrey, for the proposition that socalled 'science' has tried to
    ignore science, especially when it contradicted biblical beliefs. Huey
    wrote, in "Eve - the Mother of All Living":

    "...Adam came out of Eve, and not the reverse, as we have been taught
    for millennia. The fairy tale of Genesis is taken lightly at our peril,
    as Ms. Sherfrey and lately the women's liberation movement have told
    us. But the conflict between appearances and reality is perhaps more
    profound than even the women's movement has argued.

    "The first principle of nature itself seems to be female. Genesis is a
    startling testament to man's realization of that basic identity. In
    Genesis we see the ancient Mother Nature co-opted by a patriarchal
    super-masculine beard of a god. The trauma of female primacy is further
    denied by making the woman, Eve, a mere extension of the man, Adam, and
    the issue of *his* body!

    "The early *gens* and tribes, as far as we can tell, were primarily
    matriarchal and matrilocal, or at least, avuncular, with the mother's
    brother as the power. *All* of the earliest mythology is univocal in
    the identification of creativity, power, and primacy with the female.
    Mother Nature and Mother Earth are the universal models for *all*
    creation, human and metaphysical. But by the time of writing the Bible,
    woman had suffered her world-historical defeat and man's revenge appears
    complete." [Fr. Newton, Huey P., *The Huey P. Newton Reader* (David
    Hilliard & Donald Weiss, eds.) (New York: Seven Stories Press, 2002),
    pp. 313-314.]

    Despite this hidden *her*story, the mark of Eve is written deep in our
    common genetic code. All of us who consider ourselves human are
    children of one Mother.

    Even after several millennia of misogyny (or women hatred), the memory
    of ubiquitous women's power seeps through into our consciousness.

    Women gave birth to the world. They supported and still support social
    change movements more than men, for they know, from their lived
    experiences, that the world isn't fair, and it must be fundamentally

    Women not only gave birth to the world, they rebirth the world, daily,
    in ones and twos, by triplets, and more.

    Women deserve more than a make-believe month. They deserve our daily
    honor, and our eternal gratitude, for making life worth living.

    They deserve the creation of a world where they are beings of our common
    adoration, high regard, and respect.

    Copyright 2006 Mumia Abu-Jamal

    [Mr. Jamal's recent book features a chapter on the
    remarkable women who helped build and defend
    the Black Panther Party: *WE WANT FREEDOM:
    A Life in the Black Panther Party*, from South
    End Press (; Ph.

    "When a cause comes along and you know in your bones that it is
    just, yet refuse to defend it--at that moment you begin to die.
    And I have never seen so many corpses walking around talking about
    justice." - Mumia Abu-Jamal