Black Poetry : Women, What Are We?


Jun 11, 2001
Miami, FL
Women what are we?
Beautiful, strong, gentle creatures
That need to be praised.
Mothers of the earth
Who fertilize the land
And create all light
That shines on earth.
We are the moon
That rules the night
As stars surround us
Fighting to bask in the glory
That rises out of our presence.

Women, what are men?
Ugly, weak, fraile animals
That need to be hurt.
Pleasure producers through penetration
Sent by God to fulfill every man's desires.
That need to be lashed, raped, and silenced

Women, what are ourselves?
Potential-filled beings
Afraid to show our capabilities
Vibrant flowers
Slowly withering away in our own shadows
Lovers of light
Fooled by darkness

Women, what are we?
my sistahs...

Through the darkened days
Of slavery times
...You survived

Through the aftermath
Of civil war
and civil rights struggles survived

Through racial hatred
And self-imposed
Superior attitudes of others
...You stand tall

Through derogatory treatment
Of YOU by US {your brothaz}
You stand

You have survived…
All the trash talking
Woman bashing
Sticks and stones
The world could hurl at you
With pride

You have survived
The many heartaches
Mental anguish and pain
My brothaz have inflicted on you
With pride

You survived
Much too much to surrender now
You have proven yourself to be

With an empty heart
A mind immersed in the stench
Of the lowliest of souls
You walk

Chin uplifted
Shoulders back and stomachs in
You walk with pride
Exhibiting strength

Your eyes are clear
Your mind…free of bondage to others
For you know who you are
My Strong, Black Sistahz.

I salute you

BLACKSTAR...welcome to the family.:)

as an officianado of your pieces...

it's safe to say that your words are timeless

scribe on and...

i'm watching.


P.S. check the board next time you're here, you are an inspiration look for a poem called just thought i'd let you know.

and welcome to destee, we are glad to have you.

(opens arms)


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