Black Poetry : Women, We're Our Worst Enemy(audio added)

tell me, my sistah

what be up wit dat
while flossing the cat
how dare you
you say
when the laff is on you
got played
and then made
to look foolish and boo hoo

but it's not like that.

i agree with your sentiment. but what i find interesting is that women like to talk to their so-called-friends about how good their man is...when their friends are if they're throwing it in their friends face...which prompts their friends to say, "ah, he ain't ****. i can get with that if i wanna." of course, then, she have to prove to herself that she can.


thanks for sharing, Coco.
my sustuh

unfortunately you speak reality for many so-called sustuhz and so-called bruthaz....

Fortunately, my true women/sustuh/lady/friends...Bone fide Queens from the old school ~ had the understanding from way back in tha day that they man = my brutha, and we neva EVA trespassed the boundaries to EFF wit each other!

I don't play that madness Atall
and women who continue to do that live far too dangerously...can't nobody SERIOUSLY love a schemin ho ORa triflin ***** after the nasty is done!!

peace and understanding


sistah you must know my old housemate!!!LOL Talk about nasty/disrespectful and triflin???? Look up all thos words in the dictionary and see her face!

I even had a family member (my 1st cousin) go after every guy I liked when we were in high school.

This is why I don't have very many sistah friends. At least not here in Buffalo anyway. I've got plenty here though!!:cool:
I heard that Alyce. We have to choose our friends wisely and even then **** can happen. You're blessed to have found a true friend. I've also been bless with a couple, who I love like sisters.

Now......Afridancr, you done made me fall off my chair lmao with that dictionary remark.:laugh:

Lot'a times it be dem kinfolk steppin to yo man.

Thanks, Coco


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