Black Poetry : Women (lookin for someone to finish this one, male or female.)


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Apr 10, 2003
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There are two types of women in this world,
The one you marry and the one you f*%k.
Now last night when I came home,
I got confused. The way you hugged
Me and then guided me to the floor
As soon as I stepped in the house.
And then entered me from the
Front and the back. And when you were
Done you didn’t even bother to help
Me up. It was so quick I could
Have confused yo *** with a mirage.
But it was you; I knew your touch,
Your words, your hands, your
Lips, I even knew the slinging pipe
Between your legs. But you
Could have confused me.
There are four types of women in
This world. One who take s%&t, one
Who makes s#%t, One who ain’t s@%t,
And one who IS da s*&t.
Up until last night, I didn’t
Take yo s&%t, I didn’t have
To make no s&^t, I hadn’t been
Treated like s%#t, and I was da

thanks ya'll in advance no rush just flow. peace and blessins. :)
whoa...this one's the truth...I'll give it a go.

Last night, I got confused by your approach to me.
I've never felt like this before, now your actions are messing with my head ya see?
You left me on my back staring at the ceiling,
Then you walked away not even caring how I was feeling.
Did another woman mess with your mentals?
You better come with a good excuse cause I'm bout to rearrange yo dentals.
Like I said, I've never been the one to take yo sh**, make up sh**, and you never treated me like sh**.
I'm not sure what's going on with ya, but I hate to tell ya, I'm not havin' it.
I'm not Tamia and I don't like strangers in my house or in me!
Raise up outta here man, but before you go, help me up off my knees.
Your behavior makes me think of Blackmajic and her hot grease and grits.
But you're not worth it, I'll continue to exist and I'll definitely continue being THE SH**!!!
man that was deep. I might try:
Last night when u took me home
you treated me like i was your queen on a throne
when i decided to let u in
i didn't mean to make u sin
but the way u took advantage of me
i didn't know whether to stay or flee
it was over soo fast i didn't know what to do
the way you left me on the floor i wanted to slap you
now u try and make me feel like sh**
and u know what i ain't down with it
next time i see you down the street
u better keep walking and hope we don't meet
when u see me you better walk fast
cause please believe you can kiss my ***
y'all rockin on !
i can't say all dat
coz i'm not on my back
but babe i'll never leave u like dat
see dis stuff is all whack
so many shootin' smack
see i know what it takes
i'll never play da game
it only leave me to shame
wit a name to blame
and i see who's da s#!t


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