Black Christians : Women FIRSTBORN? The Catastrophe on Friday 13, 1436 B.C.

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May 7, 2009
Women FIRSTBORN? The Catastrophe on Friday 13, 1436 B.C.
It's relative.


Certainly, over the course of thousands of years and in the order of birth, females have been firstborn before their brothers many times. But what about a birthright and blessing? Did women ever receive a special privilege for being born first? For thousands of years, historically, firstborn males inherited a high position in their family in ancient times and in terms of religion and government this inherited birthright came to define how humans were governed. Soon the benefit of being firstborn became an extreme contention in several early Egyptian cultures. There arose a great struggle over who should be the head over ancient Egypt.But out of all of the conflicts that did occur between various kinds of humans, eventually, it was the struggle over gender that seem to become the most extreme contention coupled with issues of Colorism. The vast scope of this subject could not possibly be explained in one setting, therefore, this introduction can only touch the surface and should be considered as one part of three. For thousands of years a terrible human contention continued to rise up as governments formed. But this issue came to an insane point in time where an outrageous catastrophic event occurred, a time when the Creator God intervened and sent a great plague called the Destroyer Plague. It was the JUDGEMENT OF THE FIRSTBORN. And amazingly, the very name 'EGYPT' came to be revealed in that it actually refers to being 'FIRSTBORN'. Moreover though, at this ominous time of judgment, the Creator chose another people, the Israelites, to be his firstborn and for this reason, this judgement became so overwhelmingly resented, that, just as in the distant past prior to that time, therefore, people continued to strive and war against each other over being firstborn and over God's judgment due to a deep desire to retain this inheritance. The Egyptians came to an abrupt reality and learned that the blessing of firstborn varies and may not solely be applied to a firstborn from the womb. So in order to understand the whole scope of this strife about being firstborn, then it would be beneficial to go back to the beginning of time when this conflict first arose. It becomes absolutely essential to understand the vital impact of women in this issue of being firstborn because without understanding this aspect, then a lot of conflicts of today will continue. Overtime, the major impact that ancient women have contributed to humanity in relation to the priesthood being firstborn has been suppressed. But when the origin over the struggle about gender in relation to being firstborn resurfaces, then a lot of conflicts today will be better understood. Several times it becomes evident in history that a man's blessing of being firstborn was based upon a woman. Nevertheless, the most intense struggle of a firstborn continues to revolve around the issue of gender and unless the Church sheds light on this occurrence that still plagues humanity, then there will be no peace.

Because of that catastrophic event of the Ten Plagues that led to the deaths of many firstborn, therefore new laws were made and the Creator commanded that the Israelites observe that incredible event with the institution of a major festival to be observed forever. Because the Israelites and other ethnic typed Syrians and ethnic-typed Egyptians were targeted and oppressed, so be it, the Egyptian government was judged. But the Israelites were given an unique opportunity to have their sins passed over. So then, this became the name of their festival, PASSOVER. Thousands of years prior to that fateful day though, the Creator God had actually brought many earlier Egyptians to an end. Many Egyptian governments had been overturned and so, it would be important to go back and get an understanding of the kind of earlier Egyptians that had the inheritance of a firstborn. And so, even before the Death Plague occurred, there had been another insane phenomenon that happened as a result of a judgment against the firstborn. Indeed, the Great World Flood, was that time. The priesthood of Cain came to an abrupt end and this event becomes a major aspect in getting an understanding of how the genetics of mankind can also be a major marker that confirms these shocking events and reveal too, the mercy of God. But even though Cain lost his blessing and birthright, nevertheless, the LORD God did not pass ultimate judgement at the onset, but however, more than a thousand years had passed before this judgement against the firstborn occurred and the great deluge brought that Egyptian priesthood to an end. Amazingly too, genetics reveals as well, that even though the priesthood of Cain was judged however, the Creator God did not judge the descendants of Cain for the sins of their father, and astonishingly, after the flood, genetics reveals that not all of the daughters of Cain ended. So at the time of these great judgments, moreover, there were also many other great miracles and awesome wonders that happened that directly connect to the catastrophes that leads to the confirmation of history.


Just like the great deluge, astonishingly, the Exodus has been marked definitively byway of many methods, one of which would be through astronomy. Because of the Biblical timelines and the fact that astronomy, as an EXACT SCIENCE, can confirm major events in ancient times, then both the great deluge and the Death Angel can be determined to have happened on an exact date and time! Even though the Antichrist has deceived many, nonetheless it only becomes a matter of time when future generations of humans will be born and hunger for the undaunted truth about their existence and so, the deceivers of today that have caused many to not be able to live in truth and have lost souls will have none effect on God's new world. The confirmation of these historical phenomena byway of science and script adds to the awareness of prophecies yet to be fulfilled and the power of God and offers proof that He is worthy of our faith. We wrestle against spirits in high places that desire to keep the masses in darkness and oppression for their gain. But when big governments form and work to educate all humans, then a better existence can occur for anyone. So being able to share information across this marvelous new technology of the world wide web becomes a miracle, the recording angel at work, however, until big governments offer a formal environment made available for anyone, we as humans from all walks of life will continue to suffer at the hands of ignorance. So the Creator raised up his priest-scientist [priestess; teachers] to reveal that the word of God is still living! And so, just as the great deluge was prophesied many years before it happened, therefore so had the downfall of the Egyptians been a prophecy, prophecies marked by astronomy. So even though the enemy has put out false teachers have developed all sorts of ridiculous false teachings such as Greek mythology and the worship of a false sky god to dissuade the masses from being able to read the skies, nonetheless, truth will surface eventually. Although the sky may appear as a confusion, nevertheless, God's prophets have written about the universe to help mankind. Because without an understanding of certain star arrangements in the sky then, the fruit of the Spirit will not be obtained. Although the night sky may appear like a lot of bright tiny little dots in the sky, however, scriptures reveal much more. Although stars may appear to be so far away from our earth and have no affect on human life, however, the scriptures reveal otherwise. Like a tiny dot matrix, the stars are arranged brilliantly and over time some of these stars have affected our earth and have caused outrageous catastrophes. And for both the great deluge and the Passover, prophesy has revealed this truth as well. In fact, it was the ancient high priest of ancient Thebes, IMHOTEP, and other earlier priest-scientist that did mark time and develop ways to measure time and space that still benefits us today! He lived during times when the firstborn judgments did occur in ancient Egypt.

Therefore the very first Egyptian civilization that formed came to be inhabited by 'THE FIRSTBORN OF PTAH' [i.e. EGUPTAH]. Moving forward, over a thousand years had passed since the very first Egyptian civilization formed and so, by the time of the Exodus of the Hebrew Israelites, therefore, the identity of the firstborn in Egypt had changed several times as there arose many different kinds of Egyptians that rose up and dominated over that region. Not only that but, the worship of PTAH as the living God had changed and the Egyptians worshiped Ptah in many different forms of idols. But by the time of the Death Angel [i.e. the Destroyer Plague] that swept through northeast Africa in Egypt and thereabouts moreover, the Creator became known by other descriptive names. One of the descriptions of the living God defined him as 'a God of war with an outstretched arm' and he went before Israel to lead and to fight their enemies ahead of them. However the Exodus did not occur until after Egypt experienced a series of plagues of which the last was the Death Angel and an event that became known by many descriptions, one of which would be BLACK FRIDAY.

Furthermore, because of astronomy and just as the Great World Flood occurred as a result of a great star that was set in motion and moved into position near to our earth, likewise
the Death Plague came to occur due to another massive star that was set in motion some hundreds of years prior to the onset of the death plague. The prophets wrote in detail and revealed that the star that sparked the Death Angel was a different kind of star that led to the Great World Flood. Many explanations have been given about how plagues occur over the course of thousands of years. Some people believe that some of the most devastating plagues have been caused by mankind's involvement and some explain plagues are a result of mankind's involvement that led to climate change. Many believe that some conspiracy theories are false while others focus on facts that lead to valid theories. While most of the scientific theories, such as cloud seeding, are indeed based on truth, however, the ancient prophets have revealed that certain plagues such as the Destroyer Plague occurred due to a great star phenomenon. Therefore man's involvement with regards to climate change has truth to it, however, the bigger impact would actually come from what looks like a tiny little dot in the sky!

Because prophecy had been written and sealed up for long periods of time, today though these seals have all been opened for us to understand. Therefore, the science and prophecy about the ancient plagues and the future becomes vital to understand because it gives hope that God has not abandoned mankind. So as the scriptures detail, a few days before the Death Angel was to come, the Israelites were warned. Specifically, three days prior to
the Death Angel on the 10th of Abib, that would be September, in the year 1436 B.C. the Israelites were told to select a male lamb or goat without blemish, a yearling, and that specific day of the week was Tuesday. Because the institution of PASSOVER has been observed for thousands of years based on this detailed outline, this then becomes another major confirmation as to the exactness of this incredible observance of the PASSOVER. Three days later on that FRIDAY at even, meaning at 6:00 P.M., the scientific date would be FRIDAY 13, however, for Israel, the Creator changed that date to become SEPTEMBER 14 and due to a lack of understanding, many Black Christians have become confused as this has not been taught in a formal educational system under government support.

Without the continual observance of the astronomical and universal Calendar which becomes synchronized by
the MOON CYCLE every month, then other Calendars would be impossible to use. So when the CRESCENT MOON appears, then thirteen (13) days later, the moon always becomes A FULL MOON. Since antiquity, this has been a scientific constant. Therefore, it will be this 13 day time period, from the time between the appearance of a crescent moon to a full moon, that synchronizes all Calendars in the world. Because the moon moves faster than earth and because of the earth's tilt, then the time kept after the full moon varies. From the time between the full moon and the subsequent crescent moon varies from month-to-month and from year-to-year. For this reason, the Creator instituted the NEW YEAR to begin for Israel on the 14th Day. But although the new year began in September at the time of the Exodus, nevertheless, at times, the new year was observed in the next leap month to account for variations of time. So then, the hidden truth about the actual year of the Exodus did not come to light, as the prophet Daniel wrote, until the advent of another great star, the Star of Bethlehem. This awe-inspiring star appearance caused the universal Calendar to become realigned globally across all civilizations and at the time of the Roman Empire. And so, accurate interpretations of the year could be applied to the time of the Exodus and other ancient recorded history. So then, at some point after even on the night of September 14 [i.e., September 13; Scientific Calendar], the Death Angel began to move through the streets of Egypt. Soon after and due to the screams of the desperate, the pharaoh was summoned by his leaders and he sent for Moses. According to scripture, the young puppet pharaoh released the Israelites and a mass migration of people began that morning after the Death Plague on September 14, 1436 B.C. and continued all day until that evening. But at even, meaning 6:00 P.M., the masses stopped and made camp. September 14 at 6:00 P.M. would now be September 15, 1436, B.C. and from that time forward, this becomes the main definition of Passover.

Passover Lamb began at the time of this great migration on the 14th day and Passover Bread [i.e. the Feast of Unleavened Bread] began the next day on the 15th day [i.e. the 14th at 6:00 P.M.] and therefore, it would be the 15th day, PASSOVER BREAD that this festival would become completely defined. Furthermore, this day began the count for the following bread festival that was also instituted at that time of the Exodus, also known as THE FEAST OF SEVEN WEEKS. This detailed account of the start of the Passover Week that began on Friday at 6:00 P.M. and then twenty-four hours later the people had moved in mass and had made camp by Sabbath Day [i.e. Saturday] at 6:00 P.M. and began to prepare and eat their flat bread further confirms the exact date and time. Even though for Israel, the Creator changed the dates and times, and this great event became hidden when at the time of the Roman Empire, the dates and times for this festival was changed, nevertheless, due to astronomy the exact date and time of Passover becomes exact. Scientifically, PASSOVER LAMB began on Friday 13 at 6:00 P.M. and the Death Angel came hours later at midnight and then the masses moved out in the morning and made camp that next evening around 6:00 P.M. One major reason why this would be a confusion would be because, again, the Antichrist changed the dates and times. The astronomical day begins at sunrise when the rooster crows at 6:00 A.M., therefore, scientifically, at midnight, it would still be FRIDAY 13. The next day would begin that next morning at 6:00 A.M.! But in this western world, the day begins at midnight at 12:00 and this would not be astronomically correct. The day begins at dawn when the sun appears. Therefore, when the Creator changed the day for Israel to begin twelve hours later at sunset 6:00 P.M. and the Death Angel came at midnight, it was still scientifically, Friday 13 until that next morning. Significantly though, it would be the Sabbath Day of rest by the Red Sea that adds to the confirmation of the event that unfolded the previous Friday night. Still today and after thousands of years globally, the whole world views the notion of Friday 13 as an ominous day but most have no clue that the birth of this omen marks the Biblical Exodus out of Egypt and the judgment of the firstborn.

The Destroyer Plague struck down every FIRSTBORN in Egypt and even targeted animals! Even the Hebrew Israelites were in jeopardy, however, they were told to stay in their homes and to strike their post and lintels with lamb's blood so that the Death Angel would not kill their Firstborn. But what about firstborn females? For thousands of years even before this horror struck the human race in this mode, incredibly there had been an intense human gender struggle whereby even at that time in Egypt, and byway of an ancient movement of a strange people from the east world, an infiltration occurred, and a very ancient matriarchal government had deceptively set up in Egypt during the time period of the EIGHTEENTH DYNASTY. So finally, these were the very Egyptians that became judged byway of the Destroyer Plague. Not only was a strange religious movement headed up by a supreme female of whom became regarded as a high priestess, additionally, the presence of these foreign Egyptian servants led to ancient Egypt being defined on the basis of a Color Caste System whereby Asiatic peoples , became supreme. Under the Egyptian pharaohs of the 18th Dynasty and the priesthood of Thebes did this strange religion set up. Specifically, the pharaoh Akhenaten became 'the ruler over sin'. He outlawed the Theban religion, closed down the temples and relocated the Capitol in middle Egypt and began the construction of two new cities and Nefertiti soon became the head over this religion under the guise of sun worship. The main city, Akhet was in the central area of Egypt and a new treasure city was constructed in the north in Lower Egypt called Pi-Rameses. Later, and after the Exodus, this city became New Thebes and the capitol of the Nineteenth Dynasty of the Rameses. However, more than a thousand years prior a similar struggle occurred whereby Asiatic peoples came to be dominant in Lower Egypt and a great war was headed up by a famous man named Narmer of whom conquered the Asiatics and united Upper and Lower Egypt. So, then history had repeated itself. The names had changed but the conflict had repeated itself and there was a great conflict over issues of gender and Colorism in ancient Egypt again. Instead of the term, 'Asiatic' now there were other terms to define distinct kinds of Asiatic peoples such as Mitannians, Assyrians, Naharin, Hittites and more. Finally, because of the Biblical scriptures and other secular records, we can read about history, however without the proper alignment of dates and times, it becomes impossible to confirm truth. Fortunately, and because of celestial movements in the sky that have been measured and recorded by in relation to earth by scholars in the past and present, history can be proven. Because of spectacular movements in the sky that have happened at the same time that dramatic stories have happened on earth byway of both human behaviors and natural wonders can only be truth if time marks it to be simultaneous and sequential. The idea that what appears to be a tiny light in the sky could actually be an enormous star system that could come from outer space and move close enough to our earth so as to directly affect humanity may seem bizarre, notwithstanding though, that would be what the prophets wrote.


Will scientist today corroborate their findings today with the ancient priest- scientist? Overtime, the Bible reveals the scientific explanation behind the occurrence of the TEN PLAGUES of the Exodus. The plagues of the past have the same behavior today and after eclipses with the sun and subsequent certain star movements, therefore, the plagues became sequential. In recent times and after a major solar eclipse major hurricanes were spawned. Afterwards, reports of rivers turning into blood [i.e. Red Tides], then millions of dead fish float up on shore. Then later some areas report of other occurrences such as thousands of dead frogs and from this comes reports of crickets, flying crickets, and from the rotten carnage comes flies and on and on. Like a domino effect, some type of star occultation and a great star set the plagues in motion. The Creator responds to humanity in his omnipotence and He professed to Abraham four hundred years prior that He would judge Egypt. He had rejected the Egyptians because they rejected Him for the Canaanite worship of the supreme goddess, Ashteroth [i.e. Baal &Ashteroth]. So this enormous star was set in motion long before the Exodus. And the science of this star behavior would take many different kinds of scholars' contribution to explain and even today, we only know in part. The prophets revealed that the Destroyer Plague was the result of a massive star, a comet, a long period comet. One prophet later wrote and defined this type of star as a burning lamp. In conjunction with the formation of its tail while in moving towards our sun, a comet can be millions of miles long. The power it must contain to travel from the outer solar system and makes its way to our inner solar system seems unimaginable. Although there are hundreds of comets, this unique blazing star moved close enough to our earth and sparked a particular volcanic eruption far away from that region, but eventually, the poison mixture and sulfuric gas rose to the stratosphere and the heavy metals in the aerosol drop low. The winds stirred, the earth rotated and carried a poison mixture low to the ground in that region near the Mesopotamian Sea. Even today the science of comets are vastly unknown and most of their origins are still a great mystery.

This same mysterious phenomena happened again over a thousands of years later as prophesied by the prophet Daniel and
the Black Death began. In A.D. 1335 and the exact year that Daniel prophesied thousands of years earlier, the Bubonic Plague struck and brought the Mongolian Empire to an end. Just as the Destroyer Plague targeted the genetics of certain humans, the very same account was recorded again during those times. However, the Destroyer Plague affected Egypt and the Levant and thereabout, but the Bubonic Plague moved across a massive continental land mass and affected most of Eurasia. Can a genetic explanation be explained? Can the Creator be that strategic? Did the prophets record the truth? More importantly, will this type of phenomena happen again!? This aspect of Biblical history has been painstakingly suppressed. The Roman Empire have flattered many Children of captivity and with no scientific background they have been puffed up to become false teachers and put out confusion. Together with ancient Egyptian records, ancient China, Greek and more, Biblical records are excellently aligned. Yet, false teachers promote deception and without any formal education they are exploited to go out and profess that the ancient scriptures are a book of fairy tales and a work of fiction. Meanwhile, the very spirits that mock and exploit, cannot prevent a gradual progression knowledge to resurface. By and by, hidden history continues to surface and offer the next generation a fresh new look into the past and a chance to see the evidence and examine the facts.

[29] And it came to pass, that at midnight the LORD smote all the firstborn in the land of Egypt,
from the firstborn of Pharoah that sat on his throne unto the firstborn of the captive that was
in the dungeon; and all the firstborn of cattle.
[30] And Pharaoh rose up in the night, he, and all his servants, and all the Egyptians; and there
was a great cry in Egypt; for there was not a house where there was not one dead.
[31] And he called for Moses and Aaron by night, and said, Rise up, and get you forth
from among my people, both ye and the children of Israel; and go, serve the LORD, as ye have said.
[32] Also take your flocks and your herds, as ye have said, and be gone; and
bless me also.
EXODUS 12:29-32.
Adam was the 1st born

You are interpreting scripture to fit your narrative. My point is, that this has existed for some time and is biblical


What are you referring to?
When you say that 'this has existed for some time and is biblical',
What are you referring to?
The Exodus is not my narrative.
Passover Week is not my narrative and it outlined in biblical scripture but is not taught at all
about it beginning on 14th at even and ending 8 days later.

So, I will now post some scriptures.
My point is that these dates and times have been changed.
Today in America we observe Passover at Easter, however, this was absolutely changed during Roman Empire times.
As a matter of fact, this very month of MAY, is KEY in understanding this because of the weather system known as
KHAMSIN; a 50 day wind storm that blows 80 mph winds from around March until mid-May. The Israelites could
not have marched out of Egypt in springtime. This is not my narrative. It is the truth.

Also, the Ethiopian Jews, and all of Habesha people and the state of Israel in the Middle East celebrate
the New Year in September, the 7th months, just as the biblical scripture states.
No, this is NOT my narrative. The dates and times were changed during the Roman times.

Adam is NOT firstborn.
He was CREATED. That is not my narrative.
Cain is firstborn of Adam.


[2] This month shall be unto you the beginning of months:
it shall be the first month of the year to you.
[3] Speak ye unto all the congregation of Israel,
saying, In the tenth day of this month
they shall take to them every man a lamb,
according to the house of their fathers, a lamb for an house:

[14] And this day shall be unto you for a memorial;
and ye shall keep it a feast to the LORD throughout your generations;
ye shall keep it a feast by an ordinance for ever.

[17] And ye shall observe the feast of unleavened bread;
for in this selfsame day have I brought your armies out of the land of Egypt:
therefore shall ye observe this day in your
generations by an ordinance for ever.

[18] In the first month,
on the fourteenth day of the month at even,
ye shall eat unleavened bread, until the one and twentieth day of the month at even.
EXODUS 12: 2, 3, 14, 17, 18.

The 14th at even = the 15th for Israel
September 14 at even means September 14 @ 6:00 P.M.
There day begins at even, so it became September 15 for Israel.

Enkutatash is the Ethiopian New Year Festival every September!!!
Gregorian Calendar September 11, or September 12 every year!



No, I am not trying to fit my narrative!!!
This is Biblical truth.
However, we do not observe this here
in America. This is NOT taught!


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