Black People : "Women cannot handle power": Jesse Lee Peterson

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by skuderjaymes, May 8, 2013.

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    WOW! Thank you so much for posting this Brother skuderjaymes! I think I heard this brother speak a few weeks ago on a panel with Michelle Alexander, but I'm not sure.

    Anyway, he said so much and I just needed to hear some of the things that he was bold enough to speak about, you know, about being a woman and speaking out about some issues and then standing alone, and being attacked. You know, the very mission of this community is about BUILDING!--There is absolutely no way we can build if we support issues that should not be supported.

    Out of the many things he said, what struck me too was [paraphrasing] 'Power that the world gives you is not power'!

    I do believe him too, in that they have given women [Black American] women power but they have directed that power to speak about feminist agenda issues, no matter what!--and IT'S A TRICK!

    They are deceiving Black women into thinking we are getting power to exercise othr 'political issues' but in essense they are railroading Black women to be a voice about issues of FREE SEX, the RIGHT TO HAVE BIRTH CONTROL PILLS and etc. What a trick. Then afterwards, here comes the racist voice and this speaker mentioned how Rush limbaugh called a women out, and that is just what we are being tricked into doing, being vulnerable to that type of attack. Yes, it would be true that White politicians call out Whtie women too and call them 'sluts' for pushing the feminist agenda, but Black women are totally blinded to how it will take us down to have this type of attack aimed at us for speaking on these issues.

    White feminist women know they can't level the same amount of attack that Black women would get for supporting some of their issues. They are aware of that too!

    THIS SPEAKER, Mr. jesse lee Peterson said that 'Men are intimidated when they speak out against we will have Hell to pay in america...parents are not going to get away with this...nothing good is going to come out of this..

    he says that 'Women that know this is not right, you are going to have to speak out to, an You are going to have to stand alone...'

    he says that 'So many people on the side of good are being initimidated'

    WOW! Thank you for posting this!!!!!

    I can see this for sure. But to my surprise, there is always another siter even in this community that will surprise me and speak about the same issues and not become intimidated and one sister came out and supported some of the same issues that i was summarily thrown down by other Black women for speaking about, and it just blew me away, at how strong black women can be in the face of adversity. If anyone is going to come through for issues that is harming Black womanhood and Black manhood it will be us, both Black men and women!!!

    You know what makes it difficult is that, I already know taht most of the Black women that DARE ME to speak about thiese issues are mostly single, or are women scorned due to being dropped or disrespected by Black men, and it is as if they are sitting on the edge of their seats, daring any one to highlight this issue, and they become the GATEKEEPERS for anyone that would speak out against promiscuoity, not realizing that they are not being blamed for thier being single, or single mothers, and etc. but they too are going to have to deal with this systme that supports their being dependant upon 'dead beat Dads' an 'this welfare system'. There was a thread started by a sister in this community of whom is a single mother and she resisted the advice that 'she doesn't need a positive male role model in her son's life despite his dead beat Dad', and I was so happy to support that sister because anyone could be in her shoes. No matter how this welfare system posters that it helps 'SINGLE BLACK MOTHERS' and etc., it is so wrong to not see how America set it up to be THE ONE SAVIOR for the single Black mother!!!

    I believe that we should be thankful that the welfare system is there, but I also believe that we need to always keep in mind the brothers and sisters in the past aht put pressure on this government to do their responsiblity in providing welfare for single mothers and etc. They never gave us free handouts, our own people fought for that in the CRM and etc! I see so many Black women that seem to be so ready to use the welfare system as a tool to beat the Black man down 'in general' and believe that if it wasn't for this White man's and women's system, they would not have been able to raise their children due to being abandoned. And this is simply just not true. If welfare is provided to help a single and abandoned mother, it is because of our people that fought for this provision.

    LAST THE SPEAKER SPOKE ABOUT VOTING, and WOW! He's tough and has courage. I believe that this voting process is suspect not only for Black women but for Black people in general and we need to just be aware of its many traps. And i definitely understand though, what he is saying about women voters. I just don't get caught up in this propaganda about voting anymore. I focus on our rights, whether or not voting is the issue. This government has a responsiblity to provide HUMN RIGHTS, and voting can be a trick and a side step for them to avoid doing what they are suppose to do. I don't care whetehr it is Democratic or Rebpuclican, this government is always lookinf for ways to 'vote us out' of our human rights and they are looking for us to give them CONSENT to do just that. I understan the reasoning behind voting and support any Black person that know how tohelp us to know how to vote for issues that would help us. We need in the circle of polotics to help us understand what is going on.

    Oh My Goodness!--we are losing our rights to do so many things. He is right that so many people on the side of good are being intimidated. He is right that when you speak lies, your not a threat and you have freedom of speech but if you speak truth, then all hell breaks loose.

    Again, thank you so much for having the courage to post this thread! I really needed that kind of encouragment coming from a brother or two today!