Black Women : Woman To Woman

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    Brooklyn N. Y.
    Many woman will down play another sister,
    to be recognize by a brother.
    Friendship no longer appears
    when the brother walk through the door.
    Loyality has no conscious when a thief
    targets on her prey.

    Unity is just a form of speech when woman
    play the blame game.
    A woman is a woman, and a girl is a girl.
    Nevertheless we are different intellectual as well as spirit.
    Division is always intimadated by wealth and knowledge.
    Unity is one, when you don't support your sisters.
    The clown hat begins to shine.

    Security has no fear only when she friends
    the devil who trys to steal her wealth.
    Hiding behind the hidden stain glass windows
    who is greater than thou.
    When sister refuse to acknowledge another
    when her voice speaks wisdom and love.

    So who is the fake revolution
    when the frame has no bond.
    The picture begins to crumble and wear
    there is no support for the frame.
    Women was born with wisdom.
    Some are just fools.
    Many play the blame game
    even when there back yards are not clean.

    Understanding the concept of Unity.
    An unreduced or unbroken completeness or totality.
    Moral soundness,the quality of being united into one,
    oneness,wholeness,unbroken,the quality of being united into one.

    Jealousy the seventh deadly sin.
    The blind cannot lead the blind.
    If one has no knowledge of self.
    Power the danger tool to put
    in the hands of ignorant fate.

    Woman to woman
    be secure who you are.
    Humble that wisdom shall flourish,
    humble that knowledge be rewarded,
    Humble and you shall recognized
    the boogie man,
    that lurks for your soul,
    Listen an you shall learn of blessings,
    Seek an you shall find the solutions to life problems,
    Humble thy self, a wise man shall hide there foolishness,
    By the silence of her tongue, open thy mind that
    woman shall learn from her brother.
    One will never get to old to learn from another.

    Speak with love an you shall be recognized .
    When the tongue continues to babble without good intentions.
    Humble an you shall learn from your mistake,

    When I cry my self to sleep, why the other women,
    who has more than me. Deceptions of mask,
    dressed in the image of a want a be.
    Shall I hold on to a man and pretend,
    he is better than hers.
    Chit chatting for the poison to take effect.

    Sleeping with the enemy that awaits her death.
    Shall she pretend out loud, that he is her joy and hold world.
    When he runs from responsibility of being a real man.
    “Do You know what I mean”?

    Who is she to be gifted with a great man.
    she will stop the emotions,
    by planting poison upon her door,
    Distort her dreams making it look like its his fault.

    she sit in darkness and the light begins to shine.
    When reality shows that shows she a fool,
    that lives within the cage of her own self denial.
    A friend is just a name, when a man is around.
    Women to Women: Do you know what I mean?

    When she put on a mask, and sleep with her best friends man.
    Knowing in her heart ,what goes around shall come around.
    Shall she pretend she's the better women,
    when he uses her as a garbage disposal.
    she laugh in her friends face,
    as she cries betrayal of a best friend.
    Women to Women her own worst enemy.
    Do you know what I mean? Women to Women.

    Sister dressed in dreads, carrying the torch above her head.
    Scandalizing hopes and dreams. Like a crab in a barrow,
    trying to steal armor all in the name of sisterhood.
    Pretending to be the angel who came to rescue..
    All the time she sits and awaits to strike,
    like a scorpion to a tree.
    Betrayal of a best friend as I sleep and eat her food,
    shelter that she provides,
    As she sleep with her man , greed why couldn’t it have been mine.
    Pregnant by her man As she cries betrayal from both sides
    Shall she bare his children, and hope for marriage,
    begging for him to make her legal,
    As she become his door mat.
    Reasoning of the seasoning,
    why buy the cow, when you can get the milk free.
    Women to Women. Do you know what I mean?

    Shall I turn my back on my mother and my best friend.
    When danger knocks ,first to shelter me from the pain.
    I closed them out, and pretend they are wrong,
    all the time knowing, he is the scum of the town.
    Women to Women. If you lye down with a dog
    you will get flea’s, crying to be rescued from abuse,
    as she goes back to
    the abuser, calling you to save her again,
    when the man tries to kill her, once again,
    Girls do you know what I mean?

    Ignorance intimidated by knowledge,
    When truth speaks she tries to make
    You look like a clown, all in the name
    Of sisterhood. Do you know what I mean?

    Always chit chatting sitting about your man
    Telling you how know good he is.
    Don’t even have a man of her own.
    Girls do you what I mean?

    Psychological lynching, movements that dignify ,
    there own needs
    Activist of a want to be revolution,
    excuse me while I breathe.
    Thank you Jesus devils,
    wearing there dresses above there knees.
    Always preaching about spirituality,
    living like a dog in heat.
    Excuse me sisters do you know what I mean?

    Televise the revolution,
    all in the name of the Nubian queen.
    Sister to sister do you know what I mean.
    Tarnishing the name of the real women.
    Excuse me while I breathe.

    The player gets played, wonder why men
    Call women a bit-- , the track of the want a be.
    Brother treat her like a queen, she turns around and
    Sleep with his best friend, he’s to nice she express.
    Wonder why a sister can’t find a decent man.
    Crying all the time about the disrespect of some men.

    Sister living in a cocoon,
    waiting for someone to save her.
    When she fouls of rotten death.
    Sleeping with 5 at a time, and she is his hold world.
    Excuse me a real man knows a women, when she comes.
    No acceptations for the brother who play the same games.
    Women to Women do you know what I mean?

    Wearing my name in shame , men classifying all women the same.
    Under cover whore who is desperate to be love.
    Blinded by self, in who is, and what is love.
    Sister batching circles of classes,
    slave masters syndromes that
    Drain her brains, in the name of unity.
    Women to Women do you know what I mean?

    Let freedom ring, who is the root of your family tree.
    Darkness that hurdles a Childs future to come.
    The blind will not lead the blind.
    It becomes foul of rotten death.
    Women are the foundation of the world to come.
    Women to Women. Do you know what I mean.
    Teach the girl as a nation.
    A boy as an individual, the seed you sore,
    Will be your family curse.
    Women to Women do you know what I mean?

    Copywriter 2002
    Dedicated to:
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    well i must say sista...
    this commentary was on point...
    thank you for share'n it...
    one love
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    I particularly loved this line: Unity is one, when you don't support your sisters.
    The clown hat begins to shine.
    But in total this hit the nail on the head.

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    Brooklyn N. Y.
    Blessings truth shall not be silence thank you.
    Many sisters cry the word reveloution and sit
    beside her sister an never say good morning.
    In many cases the ego burns the word of true
    unity. Many times I shy away from many groups
    nevertheless we wear the colors of the ancestors
    and we don't support each other, many times its all
    about me. Unity is a word which :wave: I think many don't
    understand we use the theolgy of concepts
    but we never apply the method of what it takes.

    Blessings happy holiday and thank you

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    Brooklyn N. Y.
    Blessings and Thank you :wave: