Black People : woman shot with tazer after cops pull her over

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by PoeticManifesta, Aug 16, 2005.

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    Yeah... this has been discussed before a couple times here.

    I would say the best solution is for more black men and women to become cops, but they are just as bad... in fact in an article discussing this situation, a black cop supports the actions of these cops. A modern day house negro, I suppose.

    Black people can get tasered, maced, etc. for doing nothing, but don't abuse a **** dog... whites will be quick to send you to jail for that. Let me stop before I say something that might violate Destee's rules of conduct.
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    This is yet another incident which will make my prediction: A community (perhaps nationwide) uprising against the police, a reality!
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    I'm actually logged in under my daughter's name-she brought this to my attention. I wish there was another site that could give us more information on what happened afterwards. I hear you, Pan, we should take a look at and a stand at not only the crime in our neighborhoods but the ones who are supposed to serve and protect us as well. Most people and the media don't want to believe that there are many policemen that abuse their authority by abusing us and degrading us as though we're ignorant. They use their position to that particular advantage over us. Most people refuse to beleive that the police have been doing this for several decades now. they refuse to beleive that come of the most dangerous, hardened, and corrupt criminals out there are in our police departments. The same ones that come to our schools and speak on crime and drugs, the ones our small children look up to, are the same ones who humiliate us and beat us in front of our fightened kids. I as that lady said, i don't trust the police either and when I'm pulled over, just for a traffic ticket, I make sure that I'm in a place that everyone can see me and just like she did I use my cell to call someone and let them know what is going on. I've recently joined an organization in my area that deals with reporting police brutality claims to federal authorities. Sadly, as I said before, most people want to turn a blind eye to the issue.
    I was wondering though, with knowing the views some people take concerning people who have had dealings with the law, how many members of this community find fault with the woman in the video? Ledda
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    I have seen other examples of this tazing and did not seem nice but not as bad as this for so long. Don’t know if her body reacted different or she was over reacting. But I did find the video very disturbing.
    BUT, she was breaking the law (driving on a suspended license) and refused to get out of the car for the required arrest. Police are public servants but if you break the law should they wait around until you feel like getting out of the car or finish all of your phone calls. She may have wanted to call her whole family. If I was caught driving under a suspended license and was pulled I would not want to make it worse.
    Their only other option was to wrestle her out of the car and that may have caused more damage or should they have surround the car and called in a negotiating team?
    She was breaking the law and all she had to do was follow instructions and go down to the station and get bail.
    I have seen stuff like this at work in the break room with people watching the show cops. I have over heard white’s say they got what they deserved even when the victim was white. I find blacks are more accepting of crime and don’t consider it as much of a big deal which I think is our one biggest problem. We are more accepting of crime & think some is normal. Just like this case, who cares if we break the law we just get upset if we get caught.
    We complain about the number of blacks in prison but as soon as we can afford to a lot move out of black neighborhoods because of the crime. Our neighborhoods have many more victims of crime so there would have to be a lot more criminals.
    I know a lot will disagree but at least we have the same goal, I think.