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    Woman Poem - Nikki Giovanni

    you see, my whole life
    is tied up
    to unhappiness
    it's father cooking breakfast
    and me getting fat as a hog
    or having no food
    at all and father proving
    his incompetence
    i wish i knew how it would feel
    to be free
    it's having a job
    they won't let you work
    or no work at all
    castrating me
    (yes it happens to women too)

    it's a sex object if you're pretty
    and no love
    or love and no sex if you're fat
    get back fat black woman be a mother
    grandmother strong thing but not woman
    gameswoman romantic woman love needer
    man seeker sweat getter love seeking woman

    it's a hole in your shoe
    and buying lil sis a dress
    and her saying you shouldn't
    when you know
    all too well that you shouldn't

    but smiles are only something we give
    to properly dressed social workers
    not each other
    only smiles of i know
    your game sister
    which isn't really
    a smile

    joy is finding a pregnant roach
    and squashing it
    not finding someone to hold
    let go get off get back don't turn
    me on you dog
    how dare you care
    about me
    cause i ain't nuthin and you must be lower
    than that to care

    it's a filthy house
    with yesterday's watermelon
    and monday's tears
    cause true ladies don't
    know how to clean

    it's intellectual devastation
    of everybody
    to avoid emotional commitment
    "yeah honey i would've married
    him but he didn't have no degree"

    it's knock-kneed mini skirted
    wig wearing died blond mamma's scar
    born dead my scorn your whore
    rough heeled broken nailed powdered
    face me
    whose whole life is tied
    up to unhappiness
    cause it's the only
    for real thing
    September, 1968