Black People Politics : Woman Loses Job Over Racist Facebook Post On President

thanks. my bf posted that particular link on my wall via facebook and it loaded with no problem. I guess someone decided to move it. but back to the topic, she had the nerve to say she is not racist. you dont' say something like that or "let something come out of your mouth" like that out of frustration. my boyfriend even said that he will be looking for her @ss to get it for her ignorant remarks.

This aint nuthin' new or shocking to me.

White folks like her are the same ones who play that "ace-in-the-hole card" of "I'm not racist. Some of my best friends are Black."
she deserves whatever she is gonna get.

Wait and see before you say that.

She could also very well come out of this almost un-scathed/un-scratched.

....landing back on her feet, like a cat.

...Remember, "Birds of a feather, stick together."

...No telling what that company is saying/doing publicly and what its saying/doing privately about her.

...or what other company offered her a job after this.

So, don't speak too soon....Wait and see.
Her hatred for the president and all black people was made clear when she called him "the n word", I don't expect anything less from people like her but I was shock to hear her say that she had black friends and wasn't a racist. Really? You call the president a racial slur and hope he gets assassinated but you don't hate black people? I'm sure the one or two black associates she claimed as friends have completely disassociated themselves with her. As for the termination, she misrepresented her company and deserved it, hopefully this will deter any other racist lest we 'hang' them through the media.


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