Black People Politics : Woman Loses Job Over Racist Facebook Post On President


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Dec 12, 2002


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Feb 28, 2009
But my opinions aside, do you think it was right for her to lose her job or do you think it was freedom of speech?

I couldn't get your link to work but found it elsewhere.>>>

California Woman Loses Job Over Racist Comment About President Obama


22-year-old Denise Helms has won the scorn of the nation after leaving a Facebook status update where she referred to President Obama as "the ******," and called for his assassination during his second term. For her ignorance, Helms lost her job at Cold Stone Creamery and earned the attention of the Secret Service. Though she admitted that the whole "assassination" part of her comment was harsh, she wasn't apologetic at all.

"I'm not saying like I would go do that or anything like that, by any means" she said. "But if it was to happen, I don't think I'd care one bit." She also denied that her use of the word "******" makes her racist, saying that she was only stating her opinion. But when asked if she associated the word with President Obama, she said yes.

Apparently, in her warped mind, that makes sense.

Cold Stone Creamery store director Chris Kegle didn't take too kindly to her comments, so he fired Helms. A Secret Service agent from the Sacramento office reached out to her, saying that her comments will be reviewed...

Well, apparently, she also had her EMPLOYER listed on her Facebook page, and COLD STONE CREAMERY received angry tweets and/or calls about her comments.

As an employee there, her PUBLIC comments negatively reflected on that company and so they had the right to fire her, especially if that company has an "ETHICS" clause in its employee regulations.

Some jobs can/will fire you if you get arrested outside of work for any offense, even if misdemeanor.

School districts can/will not renew the contract of an UN-WED teacher who gets pregnant.

So, IMO, no, her comments do not fall under "freedom of speech" if her behavior/conduct OUTSIDE of work is connected to her employment. --- If such is in her company's "Employee Handbook," then that director had every right to fire her.

At any rate, that's what she get for being so STUPID, anyway. :lol:

As I've said before, I prefer that these white folks take off their hoods and suits and heels and reveal their TRUE selves instead of presenting a FALSE FACE in public and telling "N!gg3r jokes" in PRIVATE.

I would rather know just WHO and WHAT I'm dealing with, UP FRONT.

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