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    By Chief Elder Osiris:

    Let me share with you who are not afraid to be confronted with the Divine truth concerning the Black world.

    Is it not a fact that our Black Children, not Kids, are in trouble as I speak, more so than they have ever been in their young life, and the sad part about it is that our Children receive the greatest condemnation coming from those calling ourselves their parents and Black adults, even when the same systemic Evil of inbred Racism and Unjustified Prejudice is the Virus infecting the Black World and has centered on our Children to be prime target of their calandestine abuse.

    I was watching Bill Cosby and another gentlemen, whose name escape me, on NBC Sunday Face The Nation I Think that is the name of the Show, i can nor remember the other gentleman name and it is because I was more focus on Mr. Dr. Bill Cosby and the contradictions he was making talking about our children and the Cause and effect that have our children to be the Target of the Oppressors Eye and we their Parents can find no more to do than to criticize and Lie to them about this Racist System, that even Mr. Cosby has to admit is Racist and a Practitioner of Unjustified Prejudice, yet Mr. Cosby is out influencing, telling Black Children and their Parents that the America system is Racist, but we have the opportunity and power to not change it but to maneuver in such a way that we can become Respected productive american Citizens, and I say, that here is no greater Lie we Tell our children when we tell them such a Lie.

    Such an attitude and behavior coming from the adults of the Black World is equivalent to us mistreating and neglecting our children, all because we are influenced by the oppressors to Lie to our children, about what and whom they are up against and all the time, our Children see that same Racist, beating the Hell into their parents, the so call adults of the Black world.

    Beloved, it is very obvious that the Black world Live by the Human Being mind, because the way we look at the events of Happening that affect the Black Life, is most certainly not a sight that is being produced by a Divine mind, the Mind our First way ancestors Left to us, and now we no longer have it, and that is why we are so confined to the Mental activity of belief, and that is why the Black World live a life that is totally influenced by the Human Being, those evil folks that have declare War upon our children and all the Adult Black World does, is to lend a condemning attitude and behavior toward our children and we wonder why they are fast having no respect for us, we whom they are supposed to be ale to run to for Truthful answers to their Problems, not so beloved, all we do is just lie to our Children, about what is causing them to act and behave as they do.

    Out of one corner of Mr. Dr. Cosby mouth he was accurately Identifying the Systemic Problem of Black People in america, which is Racism, yet out of the other side of Mr. Cosby mouth he was attempting to establish a Premise whereby Black children can beat a racist System of which all of america major Corporations are infected with spreading such a Racist virus to the Black world, with the Black children to be their center target.

    I say to the Black World, woe unto you the Black World, for the way we have mistreated and are neglecting our Children and the evidence that such a charge is Divinely Correct, is the fact by the way our Children are acting and behaving and the rate that they are ending up in the Human Being Oppressor Jails and Prison and on the outside, there is not a better picture of our Children, when we begin to take the statistics of our Children Learned accomplishment, social behavior, and job qualification.

    Beloved, there is no Divine Self- Esteem our children have of themselves, no self motivation to excel in their young Life, no self confidence about themselves and you are going to tell me that all of that is of our Children Fault ?

    Is it not a fact that the Child, up to their Young adult Maturity, is very vulnerable to Influence, period, no matter where it is coming from, but is it not a fact that the parent, the family, we should have greater influence on our children than anything or anyone else in this life ? then if that is the fact of the Matter, why are our children dying like sheep herded to the slaughter, why are their Life being Snuffed out, both Physically and Imprison wise, why is there no respect of becoming a well learned person, why are our Children not being taught to Think Divinely ?

    Yet, we the Black World adult Parents, hang our head in wonderment about the Life activity of our children, refusing to take the blame for the state of condition of the Black World, thus not for our Children condition in the world today, how sad and pitiful deceiving Black People have become, even to the children.

    We quickly herd the youth together when an evil act is dramatized by the system against the Black individual or group, calling it an act of injustice, so what we do, we Lie, we Lie to our Children leading them to believe and never to Think, that by us coming together Locking arms and marching, singing we shall over come, that such an act if we plead and beg loud enough, will bring Justice to the Life of Black People in america and the Black World, not so beloved, have we not agreed that our problem is caused by a systemic attitude and behavior and such flow throughout the america system of Governing, and the systemic Virus, is Racism and Unjustified Prejudice toward Black People in the World ?

    Woe unto the Black World For the way we have mistreated and are neglecting our children.

    We Black people in america act as if we have no alternative to america Racism and injustice, we give off to our children that we must grin and bear the Racist Injustice that occupy all of our Life while playing hide and go seek, and gotcha, with this Lying Human Being, we are told that we have to convince the oppressor that we are worthy of his expectation, in order to be allowed to etch out a Life subsistence living, all because we rather not Think of Afrika as our alternative to america Racist Unjustified Prejudice scheme and practice, against our Children, now that we the Parent has submitted to the effort of convincing White Folks that we are OK and is deserving of sporadic consideration from them, how foolishly dependent we Black folks have become, on those with a history of oppressing Black People.

    We have some among us that say, why is it that we always bring up the depressing part of our Life in america and as Black People, and I Honestly try and discover that which can be said of Black people in an up-lifting view, but I am sad to say, if I am to stay consistence in being obedient to our First Way Divine Ancestors, then that which I share with you must remain Divinely True and for me to individualize the Black Condition, I will be operating under the Human Being Influence, I would be no different than a Bill Cosby, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, TD Jake the Minister and a whole slue of Integration/ Assimilation Afrikan american Negroes Human Being, so I choose, without Human Being Influence, to remain obedient to our Divine First Way Ancestors, in sharing the Divine Truth with you, even though many of you do not Respect the Divine Truth about all things affecting the Black Life.

    So, yes, Woe Unto The Black World For The Way We Have mistreated and Are neglecting Our Children and we do so every Time we fail to teach them about Chattel Slavery and Reparation and our Divine Right to leave america with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation in hand and of our Divine right to become the next established State in Afrika and that Afrika and the Black World must become Reunited again and yes, Black People were and must become again, a monolith of attitude and behavior, displayed by us Black People.

    Tell our Children the Truth about all of this they are looking at, so that they may See and then will you receive the Honor And Respect of our Children and Self-Destruction will no longer be a goal of theirs, because they will know that there is an alternative to this madness that they are confronted with, always having to prove something about them, to the Human Being oppressors.

    Yes It Is, Woe Unto The Black World For The Way We Have Mistreated And Are Neglecting Our Children !!!

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You


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