Chief Elder Osiris : Witnessing The Fall Of America

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Black Woman and Man, witness the action and behavior of america, study it,
    so you may be able to determine what Time it really is for america and all
    who choose to embrace and remain in her midst.

    Is it not so, that the sin of omission is as great as the sin of commission?

    Do we understand when our parents use to say to us, birds of a feather flock

    Why is it my dear one's, that we no longer love the profound and mystery of
    the Universe, which prompted our Ancient Ancestors to become students of the
    Universe,rather than be captive of the World.

    Black Afrikan!

    We no longer look up any more, our gaze into the face of the heavens, with
    wonderment, is no more and the Afrikan Nation suffer for making such an
    error in life.

    We now rather laugh and question such habits of old, as was practiced by our
    Ancient Afrikan Ancestors, as we embrace and praise the power brokers of
    modern technology, who received their tutoring from the scrolls left by our
    Ancient Primeval Carbon Afrikan Ancestors.

    How foolish have we become to not being able to understand nor have the
    interest of knowing about the ways of our mothers and fathers of
    yestertime, any more.

    We now question the importance of our past knowledge, even to the point of
    even questioning its validity.

    Yet we serve as victims in this modern age of so call advance technology,as
    our condition become the fact of our ignorance about ourselves.

    Black Woman and Man, so tell me, what Time is it?

    The only knowledge we have of Time is what the Caucasian has so introduced
    to us and we question not, such miss calculation of Time, thus prevent us
    from being able to see what require the mind eye to see of the world, with

    I as a master teacher and an Afrikan Spiritualist, so I warn as well as
    implore you to witness the fall of america, yet you question my alertness to

    Oh my dear beloved, is it not plain to you, what is happening in the world?

    Is not america the architect of those events that now is happening to the
    world and yet we are unqualified to read the signs of the Time, because we
    have lost the true knowledge of Time?

    I say to you precious hearts, witness the fall of america, right before your
    sight of sense perception.

    Does not her, america I mean, behavior and attitude reflect the behavior and
    attitude so mention of great nations of Time past?

    So tell me my beloved,what is the more apparent signs of a mighty nation,
    gone into the motion of a free fall from her socio - economic and
    militaristic pedestal?

    Well I will tell you what those signs are, as rebellious as you may feel
    toward me or respond to such signs.

    The most apparent sign of a once mighty Nation being in dissension, is the
    magnitude of her immorality and no greater sign and evidence, is when such a
    nation cease to make a distinction between the sacredness of Female and Male
    union, as it proceed to glorify the union of same sex gender without
    distiction or rejection.

    Upon such a foundation of a nation, give way to the evil blood thirsty of a
    nation in complete rivalary with the creator.

    Justice and compassion is not within the purveiw of a dying nation, a dying
    nation is drunk with the desire for absolute power, at all cost of others

    There is no heart of repentance in the falling of a once mighty nation, she
    feast off of greed and contempt for Justice, her every move and action is
    against those whom it has confused and abused from the very first day they
    saw the difference of a Being, whose nature was of love and compassion,
    walking with Justice, freedom and independence.

    I say to you my beloved, witness the fall of america and begin to make
    preparation to remove yourselves out of her midst, because great devastation
    is in store for her, a nation who now marvel in her immorality,as she wear
    the behavior of having a God Complex, absent of all of Its Godly values, as
    it make manifest the satanic behavior whose values are to bring death and
    destruction upon all who are unwilling to bow to her evil way of life, which
    crave the desire to dominate and control, what they have considered to be
    the lesser of members of the Hue - MAN FAMILY.

    Such a behavior displayed by a nation serve to be a sign of a falling once
    mighty nation, in the eyes of the world.

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Case Trouble Until Our Liberation!!!

    The Devilish Displeased With This Message.

    Complete Love To The Carbon Afrikan Nation.

    Chief Elder
    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    The Pan - Afrikan Inter'National Movement