Black People : Witnesses: New Orleans cops among looters

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    Four New Orleans police officers have been suspended and one has been reassigned over allegations of looting in the chaos after Hurricane Katrina, acting Police Superintendent Warren Riley said Thursday.

    The city's police department is investigating reports that at least 12 police officers may have gone on a looting spree in the days after the storm hit.

    The probe began after police officials reviewed videos from news reports, Riley said, without elaborating.

    Meanwhile, Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti Jr. acknowledged his office was investigating "two separate incidents of potential looting by law enforcement" but would not identify the jurisdictions involved.

    The officers are alleged to have taken non-essential items like televisions or jewelry or to not have acted against looting.


    New Orleans cops investigated for allegedly stealing cars

    State authorities are investigating allegations New Orleans police officers broke into a dealership and made off with nearly 200 cars -- including 41 new Cadillacs -- as Hurricane Katrina closed in.

    "It is a very, very active investigation," Kris Wartelle, spokeswoman for the Louisiana attorney general, said Friday. "We expect developments quickly."

    Wartelle would not comment on why the officers may have taken the cars, or whether they were used in the line of duty.

    However, the cars may have been taken before the hurricane even roared into town August 29, according to the president and general manager of the dealership, Doug Stead.

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