Chief Elder Osiris : Witness The Fall Of A Once Mighty Nation

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    by Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved, witness the fall of a once mighty Nation, America, crumbling under the weight of its Evil, while a political fight goes on to see who it will be that inherit the ruins of America, so that all the blame can eventually be laid at the feet of the next American president, which will be a president over a country in economic ruin.

    Yet the American people are made to be blind as to the true condition of the America economy, many still holding on and wanting the America dream, not realizing that the dream has been made to be as it was at all Time, which is an illusion attempted to become a reality by your mind affliction.

    Today you are witnessing the crumbling of the stalwart of the premium financial institutions in America, it can not be refuted that America, whose base is capitalism and militarism, is in a world of economic and military trouble, the failure of any combination of the two, signify the death of a Nation, and I am here to share with you, that America is a dying Nation and the death of that Nation will fall on the president to be, the one who will take on the blame for America economic failure, meaning there is no room to do for you in a way the doing will change your present life experience of America injustice, such a opportunity was not to be for you whether in good or in bad Time of America major institutions.

    Here in America you have the two major real state institutions , Fanny May and Freddie Mack morgage institutions, now taken over by a failing government economy, Wall Street fast going flat, such corporations as lehman brothers, merril lynch, Huelett packard major lay off, an increase in the unemployment rate to 6.1 per cent and climbing, and a US Government that is in 10 trillion dollars of debt, the list of doom goes on and on, and you tell me that this is the government that the so call Black Afrikan American believe that this is the country we want to remain dependent upon and turn a blind eye to the fact that there is no great country that has ever remain at the top of its game forever, and now is the Time for the decline of America and it sure does not serve to well for Black so call Afrikan Americans.

    It is as if it makes no difference to Black Folks in America, here by way of the middle passage, that America is falling, even if America is able to stop the economic bleeding it is experiencing, it will not be enought to allow the so call Black Afrikan American to play out the America Dream that will serve to the favor of the Children of the Middle Passage in America, you who seem to believe that Obama can bring salvation to the Black condition in America and will be able to supply Black Folks every want in america, such a believing want by you, serve to verify that those believing and wanting Black so call Afrikan Americans, live in a world of America Fantasy, covered in illusion..

    Right before your eyes, America is being reduced to just another imposing now under rated country, yet Black folks hold on to the fallacy that there is nothing wrong with America that America can not fix, and what is wrong with America in term of her Racism and Prejudice toward Black people, we Black Folks can change America spirit toward us, we not realizing that in the Natural cycle of all things that are in motion, things change and all change is not change for the greater Good to those who have been bringing about the change in prople lives that serve to be for the Greater Evil to those lives of people in a class considered to be at such a level until those at such a low class levil is meant to remain as servants to the so call ruling class in America, in good Time as well as in Oppressing Time, a Time that is in continued motion, generated by the ruling class, here in a country that has seemed to have reached its apex of success and now the pendalum is beginning to swing in a direction that signify a down turn for the government that is controlled by the ruling class and a Global oligarchy of filthy wealthy Racist elements that control the world mind and the only one that will raise their voice against this truth is the ill gotten and do not Think any more so call Black Afrikan.

    Yet, it seem as if most Black Folks are out of the loop of knowing and understanding just what is happening to a country with a record of abusing Black people, you wanting to hold fast to the America contrived dream of Black so call Afrikan Americans.

    Even if America is being placed on her economic death bed, all Black Folks can do is believe that America will always remain as the mighty industrial technological government Society it has become, so we choose to refuse to acknowledge America is Falling and ignore the opportunity to abandon the ship of America, by sezing this Time to Demand the Justice long over due to the Children of the Middle Passage Enslaved Ancestors, and their Descendants, they being those Black People in America willing and is strong enough to Demand such Justice from America, in the form of our Freedom and Independence, and the paying to our Enslaved Ancestors, their Reparation.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option
    what's funny

    is that this is polar universe

    what rises must fall

    it's the rule

    can't you see it falling brick by brick

    you know like a cancer in the early stage

    it's about to blow:explode:

    yes you're doing fine you're making money you have money

    but what happens when the wall of the fortress are cracking around you

    and water is seeping in?

    americans don't get it THE BANK runs the country NOT THE GOVERNMENT

    the GOVERNMENT does not tell the BANK what to do

    it's the other way around

    are you ready?

    nothing lasts forever especially when you're using duck tape and crazy glue

    to hold it up

    white man leads america in suicides

    i don't see that being challenged

    they will continue to kill themselves at record pace

    from the retardation of a thing called "white privilege"


    there's a saying if you've never had it you won't miss it
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    check out this!!!!

    family once you see this you will see how this happening and falling into place just as the so called POWERS THAT BE have put into place.

    esoteric agenda - YouTube

    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

    please check this out and you will see what is happening right before the eyes of so called aremican masses that are following like sheep to. Who just just bought out lehman brothers on wallstreet. look at what is happening to AIG.