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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris:

In all that you involve yourself in, nothing is more important than getting understanding of that which is capable of attracting your attention and you making decisions concerning that which attract and is capable of maintaining your attention, and is qualified in getting you to make a commitment toward.

To understand is to Know, but to claim to know and do not understand, is the making for confusion and doubt, attributes of belief.

Understanding and Knowing must have a Divine Relationship with each other, meaning one claim of Mental action does not conflict with the other, as a matter of fact, the two compliment each other action, as it be the relationship between Knowledge and Understanding that is always in Harmony, Order, and Balance, one to the other Mental action, verified by profound Reasoning and Logic, grounded in Empirical Factual Evidence, something that Belief does not require.

There is a saying going around that Bush should be declared Mentally disable to perform his duties as President and I say, My main concern is about Black People in that regard, because based on how we act and behave toward ourselves as oppose to how we act and behave toward those people with a history of oppressing and misusing Black People, every sign of black people behavior point to there being something Mentally defective about Black People.

So, it is not about Bush Mental Status we should be concerned about, Hell, Bush is just acting normal, but Black People attitude and behavior today, such is not a Normal expression of our Mentality, so one can conclude that Black People are now under arrest by the Bush like Mind, that Mind being of the Human Being Mind, a Mind that Lie and Deceive, by will, it being the Nature of the Human Being to Lie and Deceive Black People.

When dealing with the cause and effect that have black people Mind in a Believing mode, such an illness will not allow Black people to be able to Understand the reason for our illness and today, Black People do suffer from Mental Illness, it is that illness that prevent black People from knowing whom we Black People are and without such knowledge, there is no Understanding and by us black People functioning without those divine Mental Principles, we become set up to believe everything and anything everybody else, other than our Black Selves tell us about God, Universe and our Black Life.

No greater example than Franl Lucas, The american Ganster, he did not understand why he was allowed to do as he did and yet he make the statement that nobody tell him what to do, he does not understand that it was white folks telling him what to do, by allowing him o do as he did to Black People, Frank Lucas is a clear example of a black Man without Understanding, so he believe himself to be doing himself Good.

Black people today is a victim of belief, living of the status of a Human Being, not to understand the information that flow from the Soul, which require hat we Know with understanding the Action of GOD, the meaning and purpose of he Universe and the Knowledge of the Black Life, without such divine awareness, make Black People to be Believers with Hope and Faith, in that we do not Understand, because we are without the Knowledge of our black Selves.

All that Black people speak about claiming to be educated about, is based upon the belief in the Human Being to tell us the Truth about the Wonders of God, Universe, and Life, and how it all function and obvious not to benefit the Black Life, but that of he Human Being Life and what do the Black People do, we become the level of the Human Being, because we have been conditioned to Believe that the Human Being is in fact, God in the flesh and the flesh of God flesh.

Such is what the lack of Understanding, absent of Knowing the Divine Truth concerning GOD, Universe will do to you, and the Human Being will have you believing with the Might of your Faith, all bundled in Hope, that all is well with you lack People and it is all because Black People do not Understand the Origin of the Black Life and its relationship to the Perfect Night, a Divine Reality we have been conditioned to relate to as being a sign of Evil and Misdeeds, equivalent to be a symbol of the Human Being Devil, Satan, while claiming Lucifer to be the Sign, Symbol, and bearer of the False Light, ( Knowledge ) that which we Black People are not required to Understand, which keep us out of the Know about the Cause of our Oppressed Depression, as we believe that it is of God wish that we Suffer Long and Hard in his Name, with expectation of receiving a reward from God in our next Life in Heaven.

Such Lies and deception require only that you believe that such is the Truth, as so sanction by the Word of GOD "Himself ", never a requirement for you to Know and Understand the Divine Truth about GOD, Universe, and the Black Life relationship to such Divine entities, they that Lie nor deceive you not, but yet reveal what you need to know and Understand, nullifying all acts of Belief when confronted by the divine Truth and Reality of all there is To Be and ever is, To Be.

I will close by sharing this observation with you, the one thing that reached out at me as I was watching the Presidential Debate, was the way that the Moderator Christ Matthew saw the need to make fun of the claim by one of the candidates that said he had seen a UFO, for a moment Mr. Matthew seemed to be possessed with obsession to trivialize such a notion and claim, concerning UFO’S, now I know white Folks know that there is Life other than what is upon this planet, in the Universe, but they do not want the people of this planet o Know of that Truth, for some reason, but be that as it may, my concern is that black People lead the Line in believing there is no such a thing as UFO and we do so because we do not Understand the Black People Origin, which prevent Black People from Knowing the Divine Truth about the Universe, which prevent us from knowing and understanding whom we Black People are, setting us up to believe all that white people tell us about UFO’S.

Life is not all it is told to be by white People, because white people Lie and now there is not a dime worth of difference between the Mentality of White People and Black People, because we Black People have been made to wear the Mind of the Human Being and it is the Human Being, With a Mental Disorder, meaning, so it is with Black people, now a victim of the Human Being Mind, Understanding Nothing and Believing everything that is told to us by the Human Being, as we make fun of our ignorance and Mental sickness,

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder


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