Chief Elder Osiris : Without Action By black afrikan People

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
Without Action By Black Afrikan People, Lucifer Has The opportunity to Influence The Mind Of The world.

By Chief Elder Osiris

There Is Much More Where This Come From.

Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe Somebody, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

When Will Black Afrikans Show Action To The World, For The world Not To Take Black people For Granted In The World Anymore?

I am going to share with you things that is Cosmic and Spiritual, and to the lowly mind of Lucifer you who are guided by such a Mind will not be acceptance to this Divine information I will share with you.

The Global World is being Transformed, it is changing and that change if allowed to be completed will not be for the Greater good Of all Who Make Up This Global world.

The Earth and its companion planets, and Mother star, along with the Universe in general, is showing action that disagree with the way Life on this Planet is using its Electrical Energy.

I am not indicating about the catastrophe Earth Quake in Japan and its Neuclear reactors, I am sharing about he Electromagnetic Universal activity which we as Beings, is a member of the Universe, and is misbehaving upon this planet in the Universe.

Lucifer is in motion to establish a New World Order, meaning a New way of governing you people that constitute the World, and he is doing it with a sense of urgency, Why?

Why is it that Obama is moving around in this time full of Cosmic, Earthly, and World action, looking and acting as if to be a robot, or is under some form of a Trance, because he is not behaving as your normal United states President would be acting in this time of great fury.

Well, let me share this with you Black people, remember every since day one, when I came into your midst, I have done nothing but inform us Black people of our need to Fight for our Reparation, demand it and receive it, and leave America, and go back to Afrika, remember?

Well it is a reason for the Divine information to have come to Black people at this time, in this window of dispensation of Time, because America is in Cosmic Danger, and all who are caught up in America and is incapable of reading the sign of the cosmic universe, and take heed to its warning, will find yourself to be a part of receiving the Comic chastisement to come to America, Unless.

Beloved, in view of Japan and Qaddafi Libya, great devastation is in motion on this Earth.

An attack on Libya Qaddafi is an attack on Afrika and Afrikan people, and if such take place, Black Afrika will be to blame.

Afrika is about to be attacked by the western world, under the appearance of the UN and Arab cooperation, mainly controlled by the colonialist and Chattel Enslavers of Afrikan people .

Beloved, The Enenmy Of Your Friend (Qaddafi) Is not your Friend.

Therefore, as long as you remain silent in the wake of the attack upon Lybia, you Black people surrender Afrika to your Enenmy the arab nation, they who will move with the blessing of Lucifer, across Afrika, North and South, East and West, gaining control over Afrika the continent.

With the rise of the Black Afrikan Voice in support of Qaddafi, showing a willingness to go into action to protect the sovereignty of the continent of Afrika, the World as it is now, controlled by Lucifer with an agenda to establish a New world Order.

Such a show of Black force will cause a change of mind that the world of Lucifer now have to invade Afrika.

The Honorable Marcus Garvey Knew what he knew, and saw of Afrika, and that is why he was attempting to establish in your Black Afrikan Mind the fact that Afrika is for the Afrikan.

Beloved, Divine providence verify that Afrika must return back into the Mind, Control, and spirit of the Black Afrikans.

We Black Afrikans should let it be known tha we trump any and all Arabs in Afrika and that Black Afrika is against a phony no fly zone in Afrika air space.

Oh yes Beloved, in Divine reality, there is no Lybia, Egypt, Nigeria Ghana, south afrika, zimbabwea, just the continent Afrika and Afrika belong to the Afikan.

So my question to Black Afrikans, when are you going to protect the sovereignty of Mother Afrika continent.

A rise in Unity of Black Afrikans in defense of Afrika, will change the Mental perception of the world concerning Afrika.

The UN Security Council Bow to The Evil Of Lucifer, they who control the UN as well as the world.

Yet,The Rise Of The Black World showing a Divine spirit against a No fly zone of invasion in Afrika, will summon great earthly disruption in the world.

The Black world Need to summon The gods In this Dispensation of time, did I not share with you a while ago that you Black People need to go Into a Divine spiritual retreat.

Yet You Know Not why I shared such an obligation Black people have to get to Know Thyself, and doing so, summon the gods, our Ancient Divine Cosmic first way Ancetors.

Be Kind To your Self, Beloved.

Chief Elder

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