Black People : With The Use Of Common **** Sense I Dare Black Afrikans To Think!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
With The Use Of Common **** Sense, I Dare Black Afrikans To Think!!!

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

We Black Afrikans Been Made To Be Nothing But Conditionable Black Afrikan Human Beings, Any Condition Not Our Organic Own, We Without Question Adapt Too, Dangerous Beloved, Very Self Dangerous!!!

Without Complaining about how Long my Commentary is, try to read with intent to comprehend all that I share with you, granted the way I communicate with Black Afrikan people will be difficult for you to innerstand if you are concentrating on how long my Missive to you is and/or the way I am communicating with you revealing my soulful thoughts with you and I am the first to warn you that if you expect me to share the same information that racist unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being has brainwashed us Black Afrikans into believing everything he tells us to accept as being the gospel truth, then you should not be reading this information that I share with Black Afrikan people.

You see Black Afrikan people, and you must be able to see beyond looking to innerstand me, I do use common sense and I do dare to Think when I communicate with Black Afrikan people because my missive is directed entirely to Black Afrikan people because we are the Nation of Black Afrikan people who now live being a Divided Black Afrikan Nation and by us, Black Afrikans being in the living condition we Black Afrikans are in today and we have the audacity to pretend as if all is well with Black Afrikan people it serves to be proof positive that the Black Afrikan People have ceased to use Common **** Sense and us **** show do not Think anymore.

Because, we now judge everything that is not of our oppressor's creation or indoctrination given to Black Afrikans to " BELIEVE" then it is not to be allowed to enter the Soul ( Mind )Of Black Folks, beloved.

I intentionally violate the Literary procedure as laid down by white folks to white folks about the way to live and to be, How can you if you are Black Afrikan be so submissive to every tactic of that Racist Unjust prejudice Luciferian Human Being suggestion, philosophy, and ideas about the way white folks are to live Life when he has shown to you everything he does and/or instructions to be done is not meant to be
for our Black Afrikan behind.

Black Afrikan Woman and Man, why do you believe and accept about the ways and habits we are saddled with today, such did not come to be a part of our psychic by us using common **** Sense and Thinking, we long ago been deprived of having the use of our organic Soul as our guide and now that I have come to remind Black Afrikans of all the ways and information we use to know about the Divine Black self, about the Greater Good-God The Divine Essence Of Us All, we being of the Infinite Dark Spatial Energy, about the Perfect Night and About the Divine Infinite Energy Intelligence all being in perpetuity and that we did not follow the direction that Darwin has suggested we Living Beings have appeared on this Earth from, using a belief that we did not come up from a pool of slime on this planet earth.

Because of my free and independent thinking, You believe about me as a no thinking soul would, which is what I expect to come from a no use of Common Sense, no Thinking Mind Of A Today so call Black Afrikan Human Being, beloved!!!

Such is irrelevant at the moment given our present condition in Lucifer world and the condition of Afrika which is why I indicate to Black Afrikan people that the first and most important thing Black Afrikans should be doing today is to acquaint our relationship with Freedom, Justice, And independence in Afrika, all else today we Black Afrikans are involved with is what I consider to be Bull- ****, beloved, and I have no religion that condemns me about the way I express my self to Black Afrikan people today!!!

First Seek You Your Freedom Of The Soul Black Afrikan Woman And Man And All You Need To Remember Will Become Plainly Seen By You To Think About And To Know With Innerstanding Beloved.

To Be Free Is The Higher Act Of Survival, Beloved, Can You Innerstand That???

Divine Respect


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