Black Poetry : with the right stare and a nightmare is a bad dream got mad cream and quiet aware hot and pure but not sure fun flirting but uncertain about this boy


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May 11, 2006
with the right stare and a nightmare
is a bad dream got mad cream and quiet aware
hot and pure but not sure fun flirting but uncertain
about this boy trying to rap up on some its hurting
let me duck my head or get stuck in bed
this is poetry not grocery must clear my head
step back never help the whack but yep gonna
snack on a small meal got a tall deal now wanna
A Hershey bar, lots of strong talk so I took a long
walk which is a hike itch to strike it rich my cell phone
would have a ring tone boyfriend would have bling on
so ding dong is the doorbell have more to tell, a boy
walks up oh my panties are wet, he wish to kiss and enjoy
my lips soften and often I be annoyed
in Virginia Beach the sunshine remember one time
at the club my thighs were cross pies boss and lies
were tossed in my eardrum this here boy wanted some
I was in a mini-skirt bra and panties, my body was so hot
in this party spot ready to mingle yall on a single small date
it be all cake at the bar so far nothing amazing and DJ
was blazing songs he scratched and dispatched
music and a boy kissed my lips because I twist my hips
when I strut butt my panties was so wet and pink “go get me
a drink, body hot but not a T.H.O.T took me to his whip
looked at my lips and kissed them, couldn't leave
he jest got my tongue I was moving my thing around
aw girl don't move that thing like that I don't wanna cum
he put her in the car unzip and let it rip and got some (THE END)
HE SAID “boo I'm fighting mad with a writing pad
keep a tablet have freak habit with love letter, sad
it's eight and its getting late, hate to hold you up, had
a dream, this is Black Hip Hop in Virginia Beach
and you a Brown Soul Sista you could teach
me love boo, perhaps here to rap clear reach
and appear knowledgeable in HIP HOP see words
emerge like flying dictionaries and march in herds
like cattle tonight I'm rattled by your beauty
got brown lips and round hips a real cutie
booty shake and bake like cake should give
me a slice and I could live nice ever after my crib
awaits us, girl you could get naked
lay down and let me take it
SHE SAID: OK I'M brown and I been
around plus wear a crown while the wind
blow up my dress a do-nut best describe this
situation, strut butt in a mini-skirt at risk
from a kiss standpoint, on a date reminisce
from December to May I remember this day
as though it was yesterday this boy wanted to play
he jest kissed my lips right in Walmart as part
of a love affair above in the air were birds smart
they flew low


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May 11, 2006
SHE SAID: “its all dark
and she here at Walmart
here with a cool story
from the school laboratory
protect her pride and rhymes
flow correct with specified lines
got breasts as toys
jest to impress boys
through a market at the club
bring a true carpet of love
she's a Puerto Rician chick she can
vanish in Spanish many understand
even the folks of Spain know her quotes
remain solid like a block of ice make boats
float on water like canoes, make boys jump
overboard while carrying a sword no chumps
now a boy walks up he can
get quicker lace
if you touch a particular place
think he wanna test her breast for milk
because sometimes she dress in silk
oh her panties are hot and wet
not even in the parking lot yet
so step aside
gonna need help when their lips collide
oh Spanish Girls go through a lot
in Virginia Beach this is true black Hip Hop
her thing a phat pink was at the brink of a red
kiss then awaken and taken to bed boy said
“I love you boo” and went apes on her cake
she couldn't escape
HE SAID “look boo I write real
and like a big wheel
he do goes around
and keep his flows renown
continue action
with a menu of satisfaction
come with them facts
that really impact
the brain being a slick day
make love words ricochet
off your head
lips so soft and red
he wanna toss her in the bed?
“NAW PLAYER my coo-chee pink
and brisk let me think about this
she's probably on the brink of a kiss
ok she on the edge of love
made a pledge at the club
he wanna get between her legs after a hug

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