Black Poetry : " With or w/outHer space " pt. 1


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Mar 31, 2001
( this is long, get comfy )

" With or w/outHer space - planetary alignment "

It's a man's world, but all we think is you.
needing you, mis-treating you
beating you, cheating you
breathing you, breathing you.

You quiet heroine - heroic self - esteem oil sheen
more than just some baby makin' machine
w/ knobs and switches...
Blowjob ******* ? - How suspicious is an act
of my queen being the first to kneel to me ??
In reality I live for secrets you reveal to me.
Real is he ?
Real is he.
It's a man's world, and don't you know it's all for you .

Tarnished Tiarra Crown,
our black women CAN'T sit down.
Too busy being busy in the field
pickin twice her share of cotton cuz
her husband is still bleedin' from last night's beatin'.
Too busy being busy in the boardroom
taking HER OWN orders cuz workers can't
deal w/ C.E.O. brown & feminine.
Too busy being busy raisin THAT *****'s kids.
Yeah, You know THAT *****,
but you never see THAT *****.
our black women CAN'T sit down,
music videos, SHAKIN DAT ***
steamy love affair, SHAKIN DAT ***
taken care of YO ***, SHAKIN DAT *** !!!

No, no - not yet sistah,
don't give me your precious cries -
just let me borrow a c.d. first.
The Essence of Ebony is the Source of the Vibe
in stores i tred to find condoms... ribbed for her pleasure
but i was ... ribbed for her pleasure
W/ good measure
treasure buried in 4-page letters
never read her, I left the letter in my leather
cuz i ran out in bad weather to buy condoms...
... ribbed for her pleasure.
A trojan disguised in wooden lies inside the temple,
but wood burns between thighs & lies exposed.

Proverbs final word is deserved but I wonder
where your virtue REALLY is,
the way you raise kids, handle biz,
the way you teach virtue to cats
who don't know what virtue is.
**** , that auction block got us stock exchanging
each other's flesh for a whispery cried " ..yyyes !! "
dripped in sweat.

The time your uncle/boyfriend/guy anonymous raped you.
The time you marched in my place.
The time I called you a *****.
The over time and a half.
The time i grabbed SHAKIN DAT ***,
you smell different now.
The time sleepin w/ Massuh saved our lives,
gave our wifes, enslave our wives,
deprave,crave and just play our wives
take away our lives in a Man's world...
... where your apple ripe temptation
can MAKE or BREAK creation.

I don't understand you,
but i've handed you so many hands you don't know
which to take , so you STAY SHAKIN DAT ***
in choir stands................................
......actin like your *** has a sinful mind of it's own.

Time alone reveals we need time together.
To find out if you're still scarredl.
To free caged birds from behind steel bars.
To sit down and get to the bottom of things.
To stop exchanging jeans & screams for nice rings
in our teens.

Divine Instrument, the creation OF creation .
Curve your curves around this ecstasy of His and Hers
ONLY after your nerves have heard and accepted my words.
Cuz this is a man's world,
and I'll be damned if we ain't all lookin at you.

In a weird way, all the joy,pain,hurt,hope -
it all lies between us
To Hell w/ ' mars & venus ' ,
Beautiful Black Everything
wearing planets as earrings
decorating, adorning your every mourning - every morning.
Eclipsing Nature's right of way.
It's a man's world,
and we all got our telescopes ... tryin to see you.


ever heard " Mountains " by Prince ???

" there's nothing greater, than .... "
LOL@ " just so you know... "

Well N2urSoul,
I must admit I'm following you as well -
there's alot to see, and I'm lookin.

For anyone else who reads this,
I must include that
" Proverbs final word " is
about the last few verses in the book
of proverbs and the woman it speaks of.
No, I'm not a christian - but the Bible has some goods !

and the " essence of ebony .... " line
is a fave of mine and The Renaissance.

You have once again Blown My Mind!!...

as i sit here... still Hypnotized by your words...
i wonder if you know that this piece/peace speaks
to me... on sooo many different levels!!
(well, you know now, huh?? :) )

PLEASE... PLEASE!! keepdoinwhatudo... DAYYYUM!!


*on my way to part II*


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