Black Poetry : with love on the road to porterville

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    with love on the road to porterville
    by romus simpson

    in the sleep gardens
    alone behind the blue wall
    that comes perfectly in each cell
    a blue round and dark as night earth
    lay us still in the beautiful indigo pasture
    with its hanging grapes & moons

    deep silver eye closed night velvet
    the vowel filled night
    & the dark green of this county
    moved beneath night until we slept
    then found ourselves at dawn
    on the bus with swaddled migrant workers
    who hide beautiful scars
    who are closest to jesus
    who are his illiterate apostles
    whose faith rivals hunger
    who are informal carpenters & beautifully unaware

    & there among the morning spanish
    where the mauve trail lay like rest
    & unfurled sweet & dusty in it’s holy places
    between a whole memory of flushing hay fields
    an odd hill like a buddha
    embers of clouds & quiet inferno dreams
    the flame & water earth

    & we traveled breath to breath
    the collective morning cadencing in our throats
    shutter of day fettered omens
    stutter flashed & spoked through sun
    speeding there the cleared land dropped away
    harvested & as a country after war marched through
    open for any idealology any song any future
    any poem in any language
    then the laughter of walnut groves patternless
    as a room of men gambling and eating
    coming & going
    then gone at an exclamation of a road
    where we motor against the morning shine
    a regiment of exact almond trees
    shadow in their bark
    flashes toward winter

    & at the ave. 86
    cactus lines the tangerine orchards
    like a thorny cross on the beautiful head of jesus
    foreigners were being baptized in the clear roads
    we met them
    & waved & cried with them
    shared coffee & fruit
    the november san juaquin morning rolled
    down the steep backcountry like a choir of bright water
    you pushed against me
    i stood perfectly still to create this memory
    catalogued the minute the sun each asking eye
    wondering who we are on the morning bus
    not speaking spanish smiling out the windows
    the saturday half shadow sun burning the bus brilliant
    trucks broke seas of silence and posted the hour
    oh, trucks working in god’s country
    their thunder huffing through the wide morning
    comet tails of swirling hay
    on the two lane highway
    dreaming of horses
    my shirt billowed white
    & bloomed all around me

    what can be said of prophets
    the poor who arrive in the belly of the sun
    a man dreams of fruit &
    another of a young girl who smiled at him
    then a woman leans and touches me
    she points to a child come to our knees
    she has seen me chewing something
    i hand her gum and the whole bus smiles
    the woman’s hair streams from the windows
    beautiful & profound on earth
    because we form a new country
    we sing
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    continue singing coz i love it when smiles so bright can be seen
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    Magnificent Work!

    Beautiful From Start To Finish

    Good Use Of Imagery Throughout

    you are very talented poet

    keep writing for us :)