Black People : Witchdoctors, Smallpox,& The U.S. Revolution

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    :geek: Just a piece of info in case yt tells you Africans have contributed nothing to the U.S. At Valley Forge, Pennsylvania during the winter of 1777 American forces where having their butts handed to them by Britain under British occupation. George Washington had been forced into a small Fort to hide away from devastating British artillery which the U.S. rebels had little of at the time of the 13 colonies. And to make things a 100 times worse there was an outbreak of smallpox that was ravaging not only the whites in the 13 colonies but killing large numbers of U.S rebels. At the time the U.S. had only a small band of 14,000 hard core patriots to defend the 13 colonies. Things take a horrible turn as they only had 900 tents to defend from the misery of the Penn state winter. If you do the math, thats 12 -15 men per tent and in this type of closed living quarters Smallpox spreads way way faster as you can imagine. By written reports and confessions from very discouraged and terrified white doctors at the time, 4 in 10 men where dying from the disease and those who didn't die were suffering from a spinal symptom it causes. U.S. rebels were also being starved as they lacked adequate food supplies. Many fought over rats, birds, insects, and worms.------------------------------ A shipment of slaves whom whites looked at as "savages" arrove from parts of Africa and were bought in as living shields for the Brits to shoot at in hopes they would run out of ammo. Of course this was George Washington's idea. A certain slave who was considered a devil worshiper at the time spoke to U.S. battle medics and told them he had a cure for the smallpox. They turned up their noses at first but George Washington was desperate and willing to listen to any ideas. So the slave took the corpse of a dead white rebel who had died from the disease and bust several of the bumps smallpox causes to break out on the skin. He further took the puss and gashed open 3-4 knife wounds on a live U.S. rebel who wasn't yet infected and spread the puss into the wound. If you haven't picked up yet what he is doing, today this is called immunization. Yes, it was a "backward devil worshiping slave" who was the first to teach whites immunization . Doctors were very happy as you can imagine as the fatality rate fell to just 1 in 10 as the rebels built up a tolerance.------------------------The Brits, having thought the small band of rebels to be overwhelm by the brutal winter , cold, and most of all smallpox, began to use more troops to fight France who was way more advanced than the U.S. at the time. They were so confident, they only left behind 900 troops thinking the U.S. rebels would only be a few thousand by the spring. They were hit with brutal attacks from a way bigger force than they expected the following spring and couldn't get reinforcements quick enough. Over a short period of time they were forced to surrender the 13 colonies back to the U.S and leave as part of the treaty that eventually led to independence and America's overall freedom from London. A secret part of the agreement was also the giving of the secret cure to Britain, who was being hit hard by the smallpox pandemic themselves.-------------------------Can you believe that? If not for this unknown "witchdoctor", we would be drinking tea , worshiping at Anglican cathedrals(gay), likely speaking w/ that British accent, and paying absurd taxes to London today. Our contributions are way to many for us to be marginalized as we are today in large part. Be sure to teach that to ur kids as they will not hear it in school.- Peace