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Mar 19, 2001
Baltimore, Md.
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I heard a man say soemthing this weekend that i wanted to share with all...

"Lord, if I can't have what I want, then help me to want what I have..."

Thought to ponder today: We must appreciate the things we have and make the best of them for although we seek an increase, God will not bless us with more if we are not good stewards of what we have now...

A new column...

Appreciate Today for Tomorrow: Stewardship

that man wasn't very humble cause it sound like his wants material stuff
and he's alot better off then me ya know be thankful it could be better
but it **** sure could be alot WORSE..


WISDOM in the speaking...

too often, we look upon others...casting doubtful eyes on their pitiable belongings...passing judgment coz they're unable to move beyond their menial circumstance...thinking that WE can never fall so low that we cannot have the things we want. having lived in those well as the others...i can say that there is wisdom in appreciating the things we have coz, one day, what we have may be all we can have. DON'T LAFF. we never know the mysteries of tomorrow 'til they become the histories of yesterday.

WISDOM in the speaking.

thanks to you all...Yes it could seem he was being selfish but if you look at it there are so many who have reached a place of "getting out of the ghetto" but never understandn what it means to move up. The person that spoke this was very humble and when we talked further his explanation was clear. Too many want so much and get so angry about not having what the next man has that they don't appreciet whier own.

example: a brother driving an accord pulls up to a lexus driven by a beautiful woman and instead of being himself he tries to tell her it's a rental. Be yourself and know where you are. You don't have to stay there but the first step to avancement is to understand (not accept in order to stay there) and implement a plan to move ahead.

Oooops, also seek God for direction. He has the steps already ordered. It's good to want more but if you can't maintina it then getting it may put you in a worse situation...

mad love to all...


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