Black People : Wiping Out Millions of Jobs is the Whole Darn Point

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    This little story comes from the Indian retail sector but the same story is writ small across the US and the UK. In the US it's the fighting against the "big box" stores, the idea that when WalMart comes to DC or Chicago that jobs in all the little Mom and Pop stores will disappear.
    In the UK it's that when Tesco or one of the other supermarkets turns up then all of the neighbourhood shops, the butcher, the baker, the fishmonger, will disappear. The attempted liberalisation of retail in India is being held up because those foreigners, those WalMarts and the like, will destroy the jobs of millions in the more traditional small shops.

    Well, yes, wiping out the jobs of those millions of small-scale operators is actually the whole darn point of the exercise. That's what we're trying to do, destroy jobs.
    The first objection to these replacements of small retailers by larger is that people prefer shopping at the smaller ones and to allow the large to open deprives them of this choice. To which the answer is that this is nonsense. Revealed preferences shows that. If people did in fact prefer shopping at the small shops then they would: that they in fact, when offered a choice, go to the large ones shows that they prefer the cheaper prices to the haggling and social life but higher prices that comes