Health and Wellness : Winter Preventive medicine for Colds and Flu

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    This is not to be tacken as medical advise!, only as a suggestion, which folks can research further

    1 soak up as much sun as possible
    2 try to stay light or away from dairy,wheat, sugar and processed foods
    3 Try to eat an extra serving each day of fresh fruit particularly berres, which would be good to consume daily
    4 Stay away from stress as much as possible
    5 get a full 8 hurs of sleep
    6 exercise daily
    7 Take from 4 thousand to 8 thousand milligrams of buffered vit C daily
    8 take vit D daily
    9 Try to eat at least 2 servings of green vegies daily and a salad of raw veggies daily

    try to develop a taste for garlic and add a clove of raw garlic to your salad dressing blended in.

    In case of onset of a cold

    this stuff is kinda gross

    A whole organic grapefruit; skin, white stuff, seeds all of that, a whole organic lemon in a blender with a cup of cold green teea nad raw honey or agave, or maple syrup to kill the tart.

    20 drops of Oil of oregano tacken with bee propolis and echinacea non alcohol tincture, in a glass of room temparature green tea, 3 times per day helps a great deal