Black People : "Winning the Race" by John McWhorter

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    GOTHAM BOOKS, 2006

    John McWhorter's new book, Winning the Race: Beyond the Crisis in Black America (Gotham Books, January 2006) was a finalist for the 37th NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Literary Work in Non-fiction.

    Four decades after the great victories of the Civil Rights movement secured equal rights for African Americans, black America is in crisis. Indeed, by most measurable standards, conditions for many blacks have grown worse since 1965: Desperate poverty cripples communities nationwide, incarceration rates have reached record highs, teenage pregnancy and out-of-wedlock births are rampant, and educational failures are stifling achievement among the next generation. For years, prominent sociologists and pundits have blamed these problems on forces outside the black community, from lingering racism, to the explosion of the inner-city drug trade, to the erosion of the urban industrial base and the migration of middle-class blacks to the suburbs. But now, in an important and broad-ranging re-envisioning of the post-Civil Rights black American experience, acclaimed author John McWhorter tears down these theories to expose the true roots of today's crisis, and to show a new way forward.

    In Winning the Race, McWhorter argues that black America's current problems began with an unintended byproduct of the Civil Rights revolution, a crippling mindset of "therapeutic alienation." This wary stance toward mainstream American culture, although it is a legacy of racism in the past, continues to hold blacks back, and McWhorter traces all the poisonous effects of this defeatist attitude. In an in-depth case study of the Indianapolis inner city, he analyzes how a vibrant black neighborhood declined into slums, despite ample work opportunities in an American urban center where manufacturing jobs were plentiful. McWhorter takes a hard look at the legacy of the Great Society social assistance programs, lamenting their teaching people to live permanently on welfare, as well as educational failures, too often occurring because of an intellectual climate in which a successful black person must be faced with charges of "acting white." He attacks the sorry state of black popular culture, where indignation for its own sake has been enshrined in everything from the halls of academia to the deleterious policy decisions of community leaders to the disaffected lyrics of hip-hop, particularly rap's glorification of irresponsibility and violence as "protest." In a stirring conclusion, McWhorter puts forth a new vision of black political and intellectual leadership, arguing that both blacks and whites must abolish the culture of victimhood, as this alone can improve the future of black America, and outlines steps that can be taken to ensure hope for the future.

    Powerful and provocative, Winning the Race combines detailed research with precise argumentation to present a compelling new vision for black America.

    John McWhorter is the author of ten books, including the New York Times bestseller Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America, the national bestseller The Power of Babel: A Natural History of Language and most recently Doing Our Own Thing: The Degradation of Language and Music and Why We Should, Like, Care. A senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, he holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics from Stanford University and is a frequent media commentator on race, language, and culture. He lives in New York City.
    Winning the Race | Manhattan Institute

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    thanks for posting this

    I think I'll read it. It's better than watching pimp movies and listening to 3/6mafia.

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    I will definitely check out this brothers book. I've read one of the brothers book and heard him speak a couple of times and I agree with alot of things he says. But I think Mr. Mcwhorters suffers from the same illness that has plagued the so-called educated ranks of our people for centuries.
    Look I'm getting tired of people crying about us seeing ourselves as poor victims whenever there is a discussion about race.
    Africans were victimized and exploited and socialized in away that the people who victimized us were guaranteed that we would actually destroy ourselves through our own behavior.
    Know in saying that I'm in no way saying that we should not recognize our responsibility in this and I am not out here trying to play the blame game either.
    But we have to be real about our place in this world and recognize that the condition we are in is not by accident and it did not come about just because of some innate immoral inclination in African people.

    For example many people white and black speak about this attitude in our communities where we look at someone and accuse them of acting white if that person tends to be curious and excited in their approach to education.
    Know we all know that scenario is true, but to just state that with out looking at this social situations in it's political and historical perspective is very misleading.
    You have got to ask first why does this type of attitude persist in our community and where did it come from?
    Know let's look at the historical experience of black people in this country.
    At one time a black man are woman that showed any interest in learning anything more than what whites thought was neccessary for them too learn. Was called a uppity negroe and we learned fast that if you fell into this category you were either going to be beaten severely are killed.
    So we adapted and learned that it was much easier to just act like a clown and keep the whites laughing and entertained. In doing this we learned that they not only would take it easy on us, but if you stood out amongst the rest of the pack you would get special treatment and rewards.
    So we actually was socialized to identify being intelligent and smart with being white. So today that way of thinking still exist in our culture we still practice this way of thinking and behaving in our communities wih a vengence.

    Know in saying that does that mean that I'm carry on with a victim mentality?

    Know I believe in order for us to effectively deal with this problem in our community we have to deal with that part of our experience in this country.
    Not to lay blame on others are to feel sorry for ourselves. But we can use that knowledge to better understand our psychology.
    This believe that Mcwhorters has that if we just merge ourselves into the mainstream things are going to change for the better for us.
    This believe is a fantasy that has kept us stumbling all over ourselves for the last 100 years.
    The people who push this fantasy have no real vision and our completely unaware of the reality that their own history has showned them time and time again.

    "Therapeutic Alienation"
    What kind of nonsense is this Mr. Mcwhorter can hid behind the walls of western academia.
    He is merely accepted by whites they can always point to him as a great example of how the system works for everyone if you just apply yourself.
    Which basically means you have to confirm to what whites wish and desire.
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    I agree 100% :welldone: