Black People : Williams' Father Says Booing Racially Motivated...


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Feb 3, 2001
New York
By Doug Smith, USA TODAY

KEY BISCAYNE, Fla. — Richard Williams said Sunday that the predominantly white tennis crowd that angrily booed him and his superstar daughters Venus and Serena last week in Indian Wells, Calif., was fueled in part by racism.

"When Venus and I were walking down the stairs to our seats, people kept calling me ******," Williams said. "One guy said, 'I wish it was '75; we'd skin you alive.' That's when I stopped and walked toward that way. Then I realized that (my) best bet was to handle the situation non-violently. I had trouble holding back tears. I think Indian Wells disgraced America."

Breaking a weeklong silence in the wake of media reports accusing the sisters of fixing matches, Williams said other players and the media's persistent questioning of his integrity — and that of his daughters — disturbs him. He denied that he ordered his daughters to lose matches to one another and vowed never to return to the Southern California event. Venus and Serena said Sunday that they hadn't decided if they would return. "This country has a history of treating minorities badly, and that's sad because it is a country of promise," Venus said.

The Williams sisters and their father were harshly booed while Serena played Kim Clijsters after Venus, citing a knee injury, withdrew from a semifinal clash with Serena moments before the match was to have started. Indian Wells tournament director Charles Pasarell said he was embarrassed for Serena and humiliated by the crowd's reaction. "I was cringing when all that stuff was going on," Pasarell said. "It was unfair for the crowd to do that."

On the racial taunting, Pasarell said, "If Richard says someone yelled something, maybe they did, but I know that's not Indian Wells people."



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Mar 21, 2001
i was not aware of this event of such bad and crazy flava
going on in Indian wells , Calif.
thanks for bringing this up nice topic Aqil


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Feb 9, 2001
If Richard reported that he and his daughters were called the "N" word, why would anyone think those were simply anti-American sentiments? :eek: Sounds like a little more is going on than that.

America loves you as long as you stay in your place. An uppity and arrogant negro is despised in this country. People can't wait for you to fall from your throne. When Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) let America know what he thought, he was despised by whites and he scared many Blacks for the way he was so outspoken. When he backed it up with his win/loss record, he was even more despised by Whites and soon became a "hero' among his people.

It will be interesting to see how this develops for the Williams' over the next few months with two major tennis tournaments coming up...Wimbledon and the US Open.


Jan 22, 2001
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Queenie ... Aqil originally posted this March 27, 2001 ... seems they let their haters be their motivators! :toast:




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Feb 9, 2001
Thank you Des, I didn't notice the date! I see what happened now! Whew...I was about to put on my black beret!! :D
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