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Feb 26, 2007
In the fantasy of Afreekan Unity

To the Honorable Gentleman and Gentlewomen of the African Union and the Leon H. Sullivan Summit:

We, the African American descendent's of African Slaves, with much enthusiasm, pride, and hope, support the proposal from the African Union for full dual citizenship for African Americans in Africa. We believe that such a proposal is long overdue, and see the signing of the proposal into law as the most important step in the progress of Africa and the African American Community.

We are aware that the proposal has been in the making for nearly four years now, and we urge the African Union and the leaders of the Summit to complete the legislation that will grant African Americans legal citizenship throughout Africa, creating a concrete social,....

"I dream of the realization of the unity of Africa, whereby its leaders combine in their efforts to solve the problems of this continent. I dream of our vast deserts, of our forests, of all our great wildernesses. "--Nelson Mandela.

The petition link has changed.

I believe it is a long overdue challenge and endeavor.

On the site are many petitions. How do this one get from being listed to being legislated. Do we also send it to Congress? Directly to the African Union or to the United Nations?

Will dual citizenship cost us our citizen rights here? I will do some research. I do believe America does not not want people to have dual citizenship rights and will take away our rights here to vote.

Would an alternative be for Africa to extend us dipomatic citizenship as ambassadors and we get votes and say in affairs of how our tax dollars we want to contribute is spent in Africa?
Answer to what countries Americans have retain citizenship in both

In the list below, "Retain" means that the individual DOES NOT lose his or her prior citizenship upon naturalizing in the U.S. "Lose" means that the individual DOES lose his or her prior citizenship. Where possible, the list in annotated to provide additional relevant information.

If a country is not listed, it either did not respond to the survey or there was no information otherwise available. We don't guarantee accuracy of information contained in this page. You are encouraged to confirm with the respective Embassy.

:: List of Countries ----AFRICAN COUNTRIES IN RED


> ALBANIA (Retain)
> ARGENTINA (Retain)
> AUSTRALIA (Retain) As of April 2002
> AUSTRIA (Lose) retaining is possible with permission.


> BAHRAIN (Lose)
> BARBADOS (Retain)
> BELGIUM (Lose)
> BELIZE (Retain)
> BENIN (Retain)
> BOLIVIA (Lose)
> BRAZIL (Retain) the individual should declare acquisition of U.S. Citizenship at a Brazilian mission or consulate.
> BRUNEI (Lose)


> CAMBODIA (Retain)
> CANADA (Retain)
> CHILE (Retain)
> COLOMBIA (Retain)
> COSTA RICA (Retain) effective June 27, 1995
> CROATIA (Retain) the individual must follow specific procedures to renounce
> CZECH REPUBLIC (Retain) As per new law signed by President Havel in 1999


> DEMARK (Lose)
> DOMINICA (Retain)
> ECUADOR (Retain)


> EL SALVADOR (Retain)
> ESTONIA (Retain) 1940 to 1992, as formal release was required (Lose) 1992 to present


> FINLAND (Retain)

> FRANCE (Retain)


> GERMANY (Lose)
> GHANA (Retain)
> GREECE (Retain)
> GRENADA (Retain)
> GUATEMALA (Retain)


> HUNGARY (Retain) unless it is renounced by a declaration not given in criminal proceedings, and no tax issues apply.


> ICELAND (Retain)
> INDIA (Lose)
> IRAN (Retain)
> IRELAND (Retain)
> ISRAEL (Retain)
> ITALY (Retain) for Italian citizens who acquired or reacquired another citizenship after August 15, 1992. However, due notification of any (re) acquisition must be given to local Italian civil records office (or Embassy) no later than three months after its occurrence.


> JAPAN (Lose)


> KOREA (Lose)
> KUWAIT (Lose)


> LATVIA (Retain)

> LEBANON (Retain)
> LESOTHO (Retain)
> LIECHTENSTEIN (Retain) with diminished rights and protections.


> MALAWI (Lose)
> MALTA (Retain)
> MEXICO (Lose)
> MONACO (Lose)
> MOROCCO (Retain)


> NAMIBIA (Retain)
> NEPAL (Lose)
> NETHERLANDS (Retain under conditions)
> NEW ZEALAND (Retain)
> NIGERIA (Retain)
> NORWAY (Lose)


> PAKISTAN (Retain) as of December 2002.
> PANAMA (Retain)
> PERU (Retain)
> PHILIPPINES (Retain) RA 9225, which took effect on 17 September 2003, declares that former natural-born Filipino citizens who acquired foreign citizenship through naturalization are deemed not to have lost their Philippine citizenship under conditions provided in the Act

> POLAND (Retain)
> PORTUGAL (Retain)


> RUSSIA (Retain) the individual's acquisition of another citizenship will usually not be acknowledged).
> RWANDA (Lose)


> ST. LUCIA (Retain)
> SLOVAK REPUBLIC (Retain) Dual US and Slovak citizenship as from 1997.

> SLOVENIA (Retain)
> SOUTH AFRICA (Lose) an individual loses citizenship upon becoming a US Citizen; however, citizenship may be retained upon request prior to becoming a US Citizen, or by subsequent application.
> SPAIN (Lose)
> SRI LANKA (Retain)
> SWEDEN (Retain)


> TONGA (Lose)
> TURKEY (Retain)


> UGANDA (Retain)
> URUGUAY (Retain)




Hotep and THANKS Brother Hodee for the BlackTasTic additions and information this this thread....


Hodee said:
How do this one get from being listed to being legislated. Do we also send it to Congress? Directly to the African Union or to the United Nations?
I have NO answers to the questions you posed. I RE~cieved the link in an email..followed it and signed the petition. It seems as if the African Union along with Afreekans in amerikkka are RE~sponsible for drafting and moving forward this process which has been in the making for some time now. I was impressed with the fact that I was asked to "sign" my name..not just the electronic type. Did you sign the petition and actually "sign" your name which was then placed on a badge of sorts. It was very 'official' like.

It seems this petition is designed to address all that you raised....Congress, A.U. and the U.N.

Also, I have not finished reading the information on the site so can't really speak to the other thoughts which came up for you. I do appriciate your sharing your thoughts and the addtional research you did.

I just ready to GET any means available!


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