Black People Politics : Will The Justice Department’s Decision To End Private Prisons Help Children?

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    Will The Justice Department’s Decision To End Private Prisons Help Children?

    States all over the country accept solicitations from private prisons, including to house kids. Some of these facilities are notorious boot camps, where kids have been beaten up, stomped on the chest, or even died. In 2001, a 14-year-old died at a “tough love” private facility. When that child’s death was investigated, officials noted horrible bruises on the other kids. Even Sheriff Arpaio observed that “these kids didn’t get bruises falling off a platform.”

    One girl told reporters, “These bruises on my arm are from Sgt. Fontenot punching me, and these on my legs are from him kicking me.” Another child reported, “They were bringing kids over there and making them lay on their backs and pouring mud down their throats and stomping on their chests with the heel of their boot.”

    In response, one of the officials claimed, “we aren’t doing anything out there that’s not approved by the kids and their parents.”

    By the time of Tony Haynes’ death, several other children had died in private boot camp facilities. The record of medical neglect at private facilities that service children is lengthy, but so are charges of sexual abuse, physical batteries, and threats.

    One special report exposes what simply amounts to inhumane treatment, cruelty, and torture of children at private jail facilities. Despite the Eighth Amendment outlawing cruel and unusual treatment, many of the children caught in the grasps of these facilities have been overlooked. The companies often underpay their workers, provide inadequate training, and are alleged to forge records. When a child and a guard disagree about an allegation of abuse, the file is closed as “inconclusive.” About seventy-five percent of cases close in that matter.

    The federal government has taken a first step toward reform, but more is needed. If incarcerated adults deserve better facilities and more humane treatment, so too do children.

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