Chief Elder Osiris : Will The Black World Crucify Qaddafi For The Lack Of Intervention In His Behalf?

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    Will The Black World Crucify Qaddafi For The lack of Intervention In His behalf?

    By Chief Elder Osiris:

    Say what you will or may and talk all you want to about what is happening in Afrika Libya, there is nothing short of the black world intervention that can save the Afrikan Messiah.

    Qaddafi is Afrikan first, and you Black people choose him to be second, and it is what is first that carry the weigh of a Greater Good.

    You have some Negroes who make claim to be so black and Afrikan, giving excuse as to why they do not pay respect to Qaddafi, and have yet to do Anything that will change the condition of Afrika, you do not know the potential you represent for Divine change to come to Afrika, and the cause for a united Black Nation to become real in your Black life time.

    What good will it serve Qaddafi and Afrika, to pin flowers upon Qaddafi after he is dead, a death that come from Black people neglect to save an Afrikan prince, a king to Afrika, in deeds and indeed..

    Your Smoggy ego will not allow you to give praise to a man that has and do now show courage and strength in the face of much evil representing death to him, he being Qaddafi, the leader of Libya Afrika.

    Tell me who in Afrika more qualified to bring about a United States of Afrika than Qaddafi, the man who has placed his life, his Afrika state, on the Line of Divine truth, concerning Afrika.

    The Black world has perfected the gift for gabbing, we love to talk, without having the intention to act, the sign of a ignorant people being held in bondage for the lack of self respect, having the lack of energy that is required in order to give a life of freedom to a life been with lack of freedom for over three thousand years and counting.

    After it is all said and done, and the devil has killed Qaddafi, only then will the Black world come to know of the jewel it once had in our Afrika midst. in these days and Time.

    Make no mistake about it, prayer will not save the life of Qaddafi, only the Black world actively intervention, can save Qaddafi, and so for, the Black world choose talk over action, in an effort to save a Afrikan King that symbolize Afrika freedom and Black Afrikans unity.

    Yet we choose not to be a defense for Qaddafi, but a weapon against Qaddafi, as our inaction serve as a certainty that will cause the Death of an Afrikan warrior.

    You can accept or reject this Divine Truth as you will, it will not change the fact by the display of your fear, by doing nothing to Defend the Man, Qaddafi, his death will have been caused by Black Afrikan neglect and lack of courage in this Timely World of evil.

    When it come to Real action needed to come from the Black world, in order to save the Black world, Black so call Afrikans are full of bull dodo about our need for freedom, and such hocky, for the lack of the other word, is what Black folks are accustomed to plying in, pretending it to be what you have been made to imagine it to be, even as the stench of lies and deception move smoothly through your mental nostril.

    Woe is to a weak Nation whose foundation Fear.

    Chief Elder
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    Your insight and grasp of what is truly going on at this time is amazing.
    I try to keep up, but even I didn't know the full extent of what Qaddafi was about and what he means to not just Africans, but the freedom of the entire WoMan race in these critical days.

    If they kill qadaffi, it is going to be a major set back for all WoManKind--all over the world.

    But it's not going to be the end game. It will be a major loss for the forces of freedom, but it could also be the catalst that leads to WoMankind standing up for their Creator--given rights, once and for all;
    the end of ignorance, division racism and fear; the great unification of the true awe-inspiring power on this earth.