Black People : Will The Black Divine Beings Ever Rise Again?

Chief Elder Osiris Akkeba

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Oct 4, 2019
Will The Original Black Divine Beings Ever Rise Again?

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

For Black Afrikans To Be Original Is To Be Divine beloved and Black Afrikan people to be Divine, Is Being Godly Of Mind, and a Godly Mind acknowledges the glorification of Freedom, beloved

Living With A Mind Not Calibrated To Think places you into Being In A State Of Constant Confusion Living in an environment of Oppression Cloaked in Civil Rights Seeking Privileges Freedom being not a goal to be out of America back in Afrika where the potential for you living freely involving your action to make it so, then what are your Black Behind Complaining about you now choosing oppressive treatment wherever we are today over becoming free In Afrika, the center of your Black power, beloved???

If the Goal is not Freedom, then what is it that has you to put your right to Live Free on display in an environment where you have no power and authority over what you do living in an oppressive environment, which is the state of the living condition of Black Afrikan people, in and out of America and yes that includes the place referred to as Afrika today!!!

There are some Black no thinking folks who because of being driven to act based on their ego, envy, and jealousy with a spirit packaged in selfish individualism portraying themselves as community activists who has a penchant for or to be publicly recognized commonly known as "wanting" Momentary Public Fame and will put their right to live as a down payment for such public recognition, so all the world to see and talk about for a few minutes of time you no longer is around to see and hear about, some call it an act of suicide, which is common among Black Afrikans Males living in an oppressive and racist prejudice environment!!!

As I often share with Black Afrikan people regardless of where you are residing on this Earth, Freedom is the common denominator to be for any and all action you take in being opposed in an environment that does not shower you with Freedom, there is no state of a living being in the physical sense of your presence that rise above Freedom and because of that fact, then know that all of your action should be in pursuit of Freedom, it is what living Divinely is about and to be Divine is Living in Harmony, Order, and Balance in relationship with the physical Universe, it is the stars and planets and all of the attributes that your body form consist of, beloved.

There is nowhere in America you can run and hide from the Racism and Prejudice that white racist has spread for you to be a victim of receiving, pretend is your way of being in America and in a world under the control of Racist prejudice oligarchs, they being the Luciferian perverts that set the agenda for to be your moral authority which is not natural but is antinature in the application.

Here you are, the descendants from the Infinite Dark Energy intelligence, the Greater Good-God the Essence of us all, you ignoring your Divine Design now copying the design that white racist Luciferian Human Being has indoctrinated you to comply with and too.

Why do you think you are acting out of your Divine character without having a consciousness of guilt, well, when the Mind is no longer active that nature designed you with that it become the Moral agenda of that devilish satanic Luciferian Human Being that become the moral imperative that you worship today!!!

Do you think it is natural for the Black Cosmic Divine Universal Beings to live without the presence of freedom of Mind, embrace abortion, Homosexuality, Pedifihilia, racism, unjust prejudice, emulating the spirit of the devil himself, he being in the image of that white lying deceiving Luciferian Human Being?

There is no salvation to be enjoyed by Black Afrikan people not as long as we choose to live to emulate our oppressors, and yes, that includes those who even look like you, Black Afrikan Woman and Man!!!

Despise the Divine Truth and Reality all you want to, what you need to know is that your spirit of such has no power and authority, not over the Divine Truth and not even over the mental composition of your newly acquired Human Being self.

Why do you think that you have no respect for the Divine attribute of God, which is Freedom, you can not even begin to associate your Mind with God living without Freedom Black Afrikan people, so what I am informing you concerning your self, is that your Black behind today is living without freedom and that quality of living have you living a lie in your newly acquired belief system created specifically for your no thinking behind today, you see, the believer is not permitted to think, that is how you became a believer, beloved and it is believed that is the basis for your quality of living today, living without Freedom, which is the God Attribute Of The Infinite Universe out from which the physical universe appears to be, it being the physical universe that verifies the presence of the Infinite God residing in the presence of Inert existence, such being the power of Divine Truth and Reality and do you believe by you disposing the Divine Truth has an effect on the very God of that Divine Truth???

What a Pitiful and Sad Lot of Black Afrikans we are today having not the God energy to fight for what has been taken away from you, our Reparation/Repatriation, our Freedom, which means, our God the Divine Essence of us all which Black Afrikans now despise, beloved.

Divine Respect

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Prolly not!

The profound Sibyls who dominated the ancient world were effectively eliminated. All that remains is Voudoun, Hoodoo, tarot cards, and weak fortune tellers.


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