Metu Neter - Vols I - II - III : Will Smith & the Metu Neter

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    I do not know if Will Smith has ever even heard of the Metu Neter. But, how ever he came about the knowledge, in his 60 Minutes interview, he verbalized the essence of the Spheres.

    In the "The Fight That Changed Everything" clip, he talks about how being chased down the freeway by a gunman taught him what is, in effect, the ground beneath spheres 0 and 1, which is that acquiring peace in this life is an _internal_ quest. It is always _within_ your power to reclaim pure and perfect peace by the e-motion power with which you _choose_ to respond to people, places, events, and things.

    And, in the "Who He Is" clip, he effectively expresses the potential of spheres 7, 8, and 9 to program e-motion power:
    • "I don't ever want to be realistic."
      --I.E., this apparent phenomenal realm is NOT reality.

    • "Imagine it", "believe it".
      -- Sphere 7 - Het Heru

    • "Say it".
      -- Sphere 8 - Sebek

    • "Do the work", "acheive it".
      -- Sphere 9 - Auset
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    It's wonderful that you attempted to apply the system to a worldly situation. On first glance, I thought there was a small issue. Maybe you knew something I didn't. So I grabbed my Metu Neter Vol 1 went right to Shekem Ur Shekem's Tree of Life as a guide to planning pg. 260 and there it is...Auset is the mediumistic sphere, inculcate the plan in the spirit. Every thing I've seen and understood about that system, indeed Khamit says the same. (Auset's stair above her head etc.)

    Geb the earthly sphere is actually the sphere of work, of doing the work. (pg 261)This corresponds to the mention throughout Khamit's history as Geb as Ra's earthly incarnation or the earth God or Geb the God of the earth. In this light the other deities are seen only as forces within and about humanity and Geb a manifestation of all that affects or is affected by what can be touched.

    Now I'm far from Omniscient and may not know how Auset is the sphere of worldly action and would love to understand much more, if so, if for nothing more than my own edification...