Black Entertainment : Will Smith as Tarharq and Idris Elba as Imhotep

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    After hearing all the controversy about Idris playing Heimdall in Thor, it was certainly nice to see that he will be playing imhotep in a miniseries called "Ascension".

    "Idris Elba is double-starring in the project, as the Egyptian polymath Imhotep in 3000 B.C. as well as a brilliant astronomer in the near future. Imhotep is credited with many things. First, for being the founder of medicine and with being the author of a medical treatise remarkable for being devoid of magical thinking. Hence we owe the all-powerful formula in Science and Research, the Scientific Method, to this man."

    "With this growing awareness about the true beginnings of Science, one of these days when a Jesus film is also remade, perhaps we will be offered the real Christ – a man whose feet were like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace (Rev.1:15).
    Not that it mattered what color of skin anyone was, but since it matters now – in a racist society – it is only moral that we correct the intentional recalibration of the color of great past civilizations and re-inscribe the faded historical records of entire black cultures that were lost, burnt and plagiarized, for example. This can only be a positive step towards making the world a fine place so that perhaps, every race of people can have the confidence that they have contributed immensely towards its conception and advancement."

    The Last Pharoah:

    Along with that our brother Will Smith will be playing Taharqa who was pharaoh in the 25th dynasty. It is set for a 2013 release and will portray his battles with the assyrians.

    Its nice to see white folk finally conceding defeat and showing true history. I can't wait to see both these films and have a camera in hand so I can have a permanent picture of yt in shock lol.