Black People : Will our new Roaring ’20s end with another Great Depression? Not if Joe Biden’s smart.


Jul 2, 2003

Sex-crazed ‘roaring ‘20s’ awaits post-pandemic: Yale prof​


Epidemiologist Predicts The Roaring 2020s Will Kick Off After Pandemic​

“Roaring 20s” will begin until 2024. Vaccine distribution is only just beginning and it will take months for the majority of the population to receive it. There will be lasting social, psychological, and economic impacts that we can’t even comprehend yet.


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Jun 14, 2018
While I guess its good to hear from anthropology/sociological experts on what could be the ramifications of a pandemic it seems to me the time frame referenced is really of little value unless it is set within the backdrop of ahem, small things like the ending of WW I or the cheap supply of money via entering the stock market for pennies on the dollar.
Your first reference reads more like a reviewer who is a fire brand scold from the Christian Taliban and the second really says nothing at all.

Here's a flaked theory to account for the roaring twenties and the market crash I read some time ago; the legal manufacturing of coke wasn't actually outlawed until 1922 and it took 5 to 7 years for the pipe line to dry up.


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May 28, 2021
Be it the past or present times, sicknesses have always happened and they were mostly caused by poor alimentation and bad sanitary conditions. Weight also plays a major role in it, because losing or adding weight can show the symptoms of different diseases, like how was the case with black death. A survey showed that if you observe that you lose or gain weight too fast it may be signs of an illness. \

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