Chief Elder Osiris : Will Knowing That We are Not Alone, Affect How We Treat Ourselves?

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    Will Knowing That We Are Not Alone, Affect How We Treat Ourselves?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From
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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Will Hear You.

    Religion is a western term for their belief system about their God, and our Primitive (meaning First, they) Ancestors had nothing to do with religion and belief about the Divine Essence, they came to this earth with the knowledge of Divine Theology (the study about god) which give to you a Divine Spirituality because of a Divine Mind being active in your ability to Divinely reason, which has no relationship to religious theology, as we now assign to our Ancestors who were victims of the fall from the Divine Theological knowledge about God, which is intrinsic in the character of the perfect Darkness and those elements that constitute the universe, they being the ethereal elements as well as the stars and planets.

    This what you are about to read is just a snippet of the vast knowledgeable approach that our Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors shared with their children, upon this planet Earth, and now such knowledge is being misinterpret to be what it is not meant be, which is Religious.

    Today, there is much talk about ET'S and whether or not they are for real. meaning that the question is, whether or not there is other Life form that reside in the Universe with an anthropomorphous Nature, they being with a level of intelligence that allow them to make reasonable, Rational, and logical decisions that relate to and affect their lives, having a mind conscious that will reveal an emotional action and reaction during the course of living their lives.

    So, what is it that might effect Black people in such a way it will change the way we treat and believe about our lives, because so far, it does not seem as if we are making any progress in getting to know who we are.

    So, we remain satisfied to be in the condition our lives have been made to be, a life of belief, faith, and hope, neither has to do with informing Black people about who we are.

    There is no secret that Black people, when the issue is Extraterrestrial life in the Universe, other than the life that is on this Earth planet in our solar system, most of us are very skeptical to come to know that in the universe, there are other life forms.

    Yet, it take no mind effort for Black people to believe that God sent a Human Being as "His Son" to this Earth, for specific purpose to save the world, a world that has evolved to be nothing but ungodly and unappreciative believing Human Beings, they who have become so uninformed about what God is and with an immoral mind, which is of a level that delve in belief to the point that such a low level religious mind is now in a self destructive mode.

    Yet here is most Black people, when the issue is life being in other location of the universe, we in all of our Lucifer made intelligence, flaunting our ignorance, loving to declare no interest in having such a discussion, because we can not see where such information Will have an effect upon our life living status in this evil world, the world now controlled by Lucifer.

    Universe Aware knowledge has a direct affect upon your ability to obtain Knowledge about Self, and not until the Black Race Nation get to Know Thyself, all else related to that self Will remain beyond our ability to know Thyself, and such a requirement has been established to be important to Black people, that is if we are ever to return to the Spirit of respecting ourselves, and it is the lack of self respect that is the driving force that cause you to be acceptance to anything that is less than freedom for your life, and it is knowing the universal value of life that will have you wondering with a desire to know about other life forms in the universe, without you having a question whether or not there is life in the universe, other than on this Earth, in this solar system we now live.

    Which bring me to the question, will knowing that there is life other than on this Earth in the universe, will it have an effect on Black people in how we now live and treat our lives?

    There is much truth in the saying that Knowledge is Power, but it is the quality of that Knowledge that give you power to know, and not believe, to know and not hope, and to know without the want of faith.

    Today, most Black people live a life based on belief, hope, and faith, contrary to the instruction our Ancient Ancestors left for us to obey, because not to obey mean that Black people will remain without the knowledge of who we are, and with the lack of such knowledge, Black people will remain ignorant about the Universe, and it is the universe than manifest the experience that teach us all that we need to know about the Divine Essence, the Universe, and about Thyself.

    There is proof that we are not alone in this vast universe and it does not come from Lucifer contemporary learning about the Astronomy of Life.

    Knowledge about quantum mechanics, is not the birth child of discovery by Lucifer, which has come to their attention very recently.

    Such Energetic Electrical Magnetic Knowledge has been long known by our Ancient Cosmic Divine First way Ancestors, and it is their vast knowledge about the Universe and the Divine Essence of it all, that serve as proof evidence that there is Life in other Location of the Universe and that we are most certainly not alone.

    The Knowledge about the Universe that is held by the Black tribes, the Dogon, the Bozo, and the Sumerians, they being our kit and kin, such information about the universe that they have shared with modern man, serve as proof evidence that there is Extraterrestrial life in the Universe.

    Because the knowledge the Dogon has shared about the Sirius Star system and the characteristics of those stars and Planets and about the Perfect darkness, materially and Ethereally, is proof enough that those Black Afrikan tribes got such intelligent information about the Universe from people from another world star-planet solar system.

    I will for a moment focus primarily upon the Dogon, since they are popularly known in associating with the Sirius Star system of the Orion Constellation.

    The Dogon is a people who were well aware of the neutron Star which is with such tremendous density of energy until its weight is of such , just to give you an idea of its weight, if you would consider gathering all of the people on this Earth, they would together, be not able to lift Sirius B the invisible Dwarf star which the Dogon refer to as the Digitaria Star, it liken to a Small seed found only in certain part of west Afrika, from Senegal to lake Chad area, that small seed the Dogon refer to as the Seed of Life creation, the same as they refer to Sirius B as being the star of creation.

    The Fact that the Little Dwarf Star remained Invisible to modern day Astronomy until recently but the Dogon was with knowledge of that Dwarf star that is invisible to the eye and telescopic eye until the Dogon made it known that the Digitaria seed, symbolizing and referencing Sirius B star being invisible, and the seed referred to as po, Fonci, and fundi, all referencing the smallness of the seed with properties of many usage for food.

    The Dogon was well aware of the cycle of the Dwarf star, Sirius B revolution around Sirius A, the sun star, a part of the Sirius system and the amount of time it take for Sirius B to travel around Sirius A, it getting its character name as being the Dog guarding the Isis Star, Sirius B.

    The Dogon knew it took fifty years for Sirius B to make a complete revolution around Sirius A, and that the cycle motion was and is not that of a circular Angle, it was an Elliptical angle, all of this information about a star that is invisible, was known by certain tribe of our Ancestors, and you would tell me such knowledge of Divine truth is not relevant to the state of our present condition?

    It is because of our lack of the universal knowledge that would have you to not to know only who you are, but most of all, about what the Divine Essence is, and the Meaning and purpose of the universe.

    The Dogon is aware of the Stellar universe, it in its vastness of infinity, out from where all Things come and from the Dwarf Star is referred to as the Perfect Black, the source of Universal revealed production, and you only get to know of the Universal Mysteries by being an initiate into the Black Rite.

    Divine Perfect Darkness, which is where All things emanates out from, it being an action where Self generation trump all that consist to be the universe.

    To know that we are not alone is important to you knowing what the Divine Essence is and the meaning and purpose of the Universe, which will have you to know Thyself.

    Knowing Thyself is more about you making claim to be who you are not, which is living to your Divine potential.

    We make claim to be on the rise in our Divine mind and yet we have not the mind that is needed to protect us from the enemy that come within to cause us all type of illness.

    We love to inform about the type of food we do not eat and how Divinely spiritual we have become, yet we fall victim to the enemy within our body that destroy our body organs.

    The mind contrary to what you make claim to believe, is the power bearing source to the body, but you can not fake being in control of your mind, claiming that your mind is rising to its divine state of activity.

    The Mind in its Divine state is capable of developing an immune defense that will patrol the body, acting as Divine warriors seeking to devour all that have no healthy intention for your body life.

    So yes it is important to know that we are not the only life in this vast universe, and as the Dogon has informed us about the Universe, serve to be evidence that we are not alone in the universe.

    I have been in Divine Meditation which caused me to experience Dimension that is beyond the Mind activity, and I have been given the knowledge about that which our Ancestors have shared with us about the Perfect darkness.

    It is the perfect Darkness that is the representative, the essence of Everlasting Eternal infinity, which verify there be no such activity as universe creation, which imply a beginning, which imply that there is a place without Time (motion) in Dark space when there was no Divine Action, indicating that there was no activity and without activity there is no Space Time Darkness.

    There is no such inaction as nothing, therefore there is no such action of a creation of the universe.

    The Perfect Space Darkness is the cloak for the Divine Essence, because he Divine Essence is the Divine Infinite darkness, as has been revealed to me, and it is the Electrical Energy that is the magnetic gravitational force, it being the Perfect Darkness .

    The Divine Essence is Eternal everlasting Infinite Energy, it being the Perfect Darkness, out from which there come all things that Is Not physical, and Is to Be physical, the perfect Darkness serving as the Womb, from and through which the universe Is.

    All things are the concentration within the Energy , the perfect Darkness, it is the Divine Essence that is without a need to create nor is there a beginning, and without such a need, there is no Ending.

    The Divine Essence, infinite in Its action, is Energy, Action of Infinite generation, without a need for a beginning or an ending, and to know with understanding of that Divine truth, will have you to know that we are not alone in the universe, and you will be with a knowledge of Thyself.

    Be Kind to our Self, beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]
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    Hats off to you Sir chief Elder keep teaching some blacks are listening.
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    We most certainly are! Sigh I hope this becomes the magnet that pulls great minds to share and bulild once again i certainly miss it! hetep