Black People : Will it take our babies to show us the way?

In the Spirit of Sankofa and Peace!

kemetkind said:


First, I must congratulate you for filling a much needed void; your spice for life ads much flavor to ongoing discussions, true academics is two-sided.

Secondly, thanks for providing this video. The seven (7) year old does represent “tomorrow’s child.” But, what I enjoyed most was the re-visit of the days (yesterday’s child) of Malcolm X, which brings me to this:

Over in the “Cross” Thread, I attempted to ascertain through Goddess Auset333 the ancestral view of Malcolm’s changed philosophy:

As far as I know, discussion pertaining to Malcolm’s OAAU, is not currently debated here at Out of genuine respect for your assertiveness and knowledge, what would be your position on that “changed philosophy” of El Hajj Malik el Shabazz?

Please leave your response in the “Cross” Thread, since this is not solicitation for back and forth dialogue, unless it naturally develops.

Thank you in advance and peace brother kemetkind!

In the Spirit of Sankofa, Peace and Focus!

jamesfrmphilly said:
min. shabazz had a lot of things right. he also had a few wrong. mecca is not in africa.
blackman following an arab is just as counter productive as blackman following a jew.

blackman needs to deal with his own story.

Brother James,

What was the "middle east" known as for centuries prior to 1850?
As I asked kemetkind, so ask I you, please refer your reply to the "Cross Thread," thanks!



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