Black People : Wikileak; US planned to Wreak havoc in Venezuela


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Oct 4, 2009
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Wikileaks: Documents Confirm US Plans to Destabilize Venezuela

By Eva Golinger

Global Research, December 16, 2010

State Department documents published by Wikileaks evidence Washington's plans to "contain" Venezuela's influence in the region and increase efforts to provoke regime change

A substantial portion of the more than 1600 State Department documents Wikileaks has published during the past two weeks refer to the ongoing efforts of US diplomacy to isolate and counter the Venezuelan government.

Since Hugo Chavez won the presidency for the first time in 1998, Washington has engaged in numerous efforts to overthrow him, including a failed coup d'etat in April 2002, an oil industry strike that same year, worldwide media campaigns and varios electoral interventions. The State Department has also used its funding agencies, USAID and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), to channel millions of dollars annually to anti-Chavez NGOs, political parties, journalists and media organizations in Venezuela, who have been working to undermine the Chavez administration and force him from power.
When these interventionist policies have been denounced by the Chavez government and others, Washington has repeatedly denied any efforts to isolate or act against the Venezuelan head of state.

Nonetheless, the State Department cables published by Wikileaks clearly evidence that not only has Washington been actively funding anti-Chavez groups in Venezuela, but it also has engaged in serious efforts during the past few years to convince governments worldwide to assume an adversarial position against President Hugo Chavez.


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Dec 11, 2006
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WikiLeaks: US Ambassador Planned "Retaliation" Against France Over Ban on Monsanto Corn

Tuesday 21 December 2010

The former United States ambassador to France suggested "moving to retaliation" against France and the European Union (EU) in late 2007 to fight a French ban on Monsanto's genetically modified (GM) corn and changes in European policy toward biotech crops, according to a cable released by WikiLeaks on Sunday.

Former Ambassador Craig Stapleton was concerned about France's decision to suspend cultivation of Monsanto's MON-810 corn and warned that a new French environmental review standard could spread anti-biotech policy across the EU.

"Country team Paris recommends that we calibrate a target retaliation list that causes some pain across the EU since this is a collective responsibility, but that also focuses in part on the worst culprits," Stapleton wrote to diplomatic colleagues.

President George W. Bush appointed Stapleton as ambassador to France in 2005, and in 2009, Stapleton left the office and became an owner of the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. Bush and Stapleton co-owned the Texas Rangers during the 1990s.

Monsanto is based in St. Louis.


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Oct 4, 2009
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the funny thing about the leaks is that they confirm what so many of us
have been saying all along..

Probably a black Flag Operation, like 9/11,
got th US into Arab hate and 3 wars for profit,
and destroy privacy

this mite have been a ruse to end net neutrality and stranglehold real journalism


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Oct 4, 2009
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But then again, what has been leaked is only

4 percent of the total,

so they may realy want to do the elctrode on the privates and slow dismemberment to this guy
if he reveals the bulk of it

the oligarchy

depends on even more conspiracy theories

not being verified and substantiated

Like 9/11 being an inside job, and about drugs, done with the aid of isreal

or UFOs and possible presence of ETs here, human looking, and some multi dimensional

or the governments drug importation business

or the conspiracy in "3 the Hard Way"

or that Tavistock controls the media and education system here

or the plan to wipe out
3/4 of African with geneticly specific bioweapons, and fulfill the third reich's dream

or that the third reich never realy died but is planning a very real global return

Verification of those conspiracy theories

would topple the corporate oligarchy

Mae Brussell was alledgedly placed in a room with radioactivity and died of cancer

Jim Garrison died a horrible death

Danny Cassolaro died mysteriously

Jim Keith also

also Gary Webb

and William Cooper, was shot in the face by sheriffs at the front door of his home
2 weeks after 9/11

Tariq Ali, is on death row

Journalist Mumia Abu Jamal is on death row

and Aaron Russo (Freedom to Fascism, Rockeffelor interview)
died mysteriously from a non malignant cancer

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