Science and Technology : Wifi hotspots = FREE INTERNET

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    lease if you have any websites describing where our people can get FREE WIRELESS INTERNET. Please tell them.

    With this NATION becoming a GIGAHERTZ FREQUENCY NIGHTMARE beamed at us from SPACE you might as WELL TAKE ADVANTAGE of PIGGYBACKING off this NIGHTMARE.

    All you need is a WIRELESS CARD to pick up these NIGHTMARE FREQUENCIES and your in BUSINESS.

    These WAVES dont SLEEP and you shouldn't EITHER.

    If you like FAST FOODS like McDONALDS, WENDY'S, BURGER KING, they have WIRELESS HOTSPOTS ready to go USUALLY. However they do not give the details at what LOCATION MOSTLY.

    If you like TRAVELLING and SLEEPING most HOTELS have it TOO.

    If you like DRINKING sometimes STARBUCKS COFFEE HOUSES got it.

    Some sites here