Chief Elder Osiris : Why Your Black Leaders Are Keeping Silent About H1N1 Vaccine

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    Why Your Black Leaders Are Keeping Silent About H1N1 Vaccine

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Beloved it is no secret that there is much positive talk in the public domain against this claim about an up coming pandemic of swine flu victims and yet you do not hear from your so call Black leaders, speaking about this troublesome issue and I am one that adhear to the notion that silence is a sign of consent and on such an emerging controversy surrounding the Swine Flu, anybody out claiming to be your leader, claiming that they speak the voice representing Black people and is remaining silent about what is being planned by those white folks of power, they getting ready to inoculate you with a vaccine that has not been proved to be needed or workable as a healing serum.

    You know what I have observe over my adult years about Black people, which in my mind serve to be a detriment to our life rising to experience the Greater Good to come to our lives, well it is the fact that black People put to much Loving Trust in people with a history of lying, deceiving, and abusing the lives of Black people.

    I am convinced that there is a Great percentage of Black people who take the position concerning H1N1 Flu to be worthy of receiving, and that we should trust those in authority giving out the warning about that flu.

    Black people in the majority believe that all of the information that is in question concerning that Flu is made up by disgruntle people, as white authority label those that question their trust worthiness to be no more than conspiritor theorist and they need to be ignored.

    So white authority will have you to believe that the great concern of many people as to whether the vaccine is going to effect you adversely to what is being told to you in order to keep you calm and will serve to effect you as white authority say it will, and what others are saying about the vaccine opposing it, is no more than a hoax.

    There is no question about it, Black people have been made to take on the spirit as sheep being led to be slaughtered, you can not convince Black People that there are some white people who are in authority making decisions for your life, that will make such plans to systematically destroy Black people lives.

    Black people do not have such a Mind that will have us to question the authority of white people, our love and trust run to deep for white authority for us to listen to those Black people who question everything white authority does that appear to be for the betterment and life saving of Black people.

    Why is it that Black People live a life that rebuke past experiences with white authority, why is it that Black people ignore pattern of white authority history toward Black people, which is not at all soothing to the lives of Black people, Why?

    You have today so call Black Leaders who refuse to deal with pertinent issues that can effect Black people lives in a life saving way.

    You do not ever hear of those so call Black leaders warning you Black people about the Evil that religion serve to the lives of Black people, you do not hear of those so call Black Leaders, ever talk about Liberation of Black People from America, you do not hear of those sorry behind Black Leaders talking about the right and need for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, you have yet to hear from those religious fanatical so call Black leaders, speaking about the Swine Flu in a righteous way, which is telling the Truth about it and its origin, and you tell me that Black folks have Black leadership today that is concern about the life and safety of black Afrikan People in America, In Afrika, or any where else we have wandered off to, in this evil world of today?

    No, No, Beloved, the question I raise is a valid one and I do not need your agreement to make it so, and I will continue to bring before you this question, Why Have You Not Heard From Your So Call Black Leaders Concerning the Swine Flu and its Vacine, H1N1, Why?

    As a matter of fact, why have you Black people put pressure on those sorry behind so call Black leaders, starting from the pulpit to the White House, to tell you the fact concerning the Swine Flu predicted pandemic, it is as if the prophets of the swine flu pandemic expectation, are the prophet that are going to make their prophetic prediction come True, and the only way you do that is to know that you have the neccessary means to cause what is being prophesied to happen, or to make it happen.

    How pathetic Black so call leadership has become, squatting under the authority of white folks, getting their orders, when and how to act as so call leaders of Black people, and Black people just sit on our sorry behind having all of the faith, hope, belief, and trust in white authority and their Black Agents posing as our Leaders.

    It is White authority, they that have a history of kicking Black folks behind, lying and always deceiving us, and yet we choose to place all of our love and trust in the spirit of Lucifer, while we do that, it make us out to be the biggest fools on this planet.

    Anything that shed the Divine truth on White authority evil, Black folks do not want to hear about, they beat Lucifer in criticizing those Black people who choose to Think for themselves, instead of believe religiously about White people in authority, in this evil world, world meaning the people in authority, not this planet.

    Here is another thing about Black people, we can find reason to want to meet about anything that does not have to do with our life safety and liberation, anything that does not require for you to seriously Think of what Black people need to be doing to protect and to save our lives, Black people want nothing to do with, because such seriousness demand that you act on your needs and not your wants.

    So, today Black people is satisfied with wanting the quality of Black Leadership we have today, and our Black lives are suffering from the weigh of such ignorant intelligence.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved.

    Black so call Leadership must be forced to stand to be accountable for their inaction, when the Time is to save the Black World!!!

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]