Black Parenting : Why Whupping Your Kids Won’t Save Black America


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Aug 28, 2015
I believe parents or people who want to abuse a child is going to do just that. With or without whoopings.
I do support a parents right to discipline their child, including spankings.
There was a time when our parents did beat their kids using the slave owners methods.
One of my uncles would hang his boys from the basement pipes naked and beat them. Wasn't against the law then. My own Dad(RIP Dad) would tie my older sister and brothers to the pipes under the sink and beat them.
I would cry and run to my mother(RIP Mom) while they were being beat. I had never received a wooping from my Dad. Mama said he would never whoop me. She eventually got him to stop. They were straight off the sharecropper farm and these whoopings seemed normal.
I spanked my son because he responded to spanking with better behaviour. Having him stand in the corner would accomplish nothing for my child.
In ATL there are these groups of young Black youth on a crime wave of car jacking, home invasions, and holding people up on the streets in broad daylight and darkness. These kids are 13, 14, and younger.
Now the parents of these undisplined children are called bad parents. Why?
These young boys and girls need their butts spanked.
Either we discipline our kids or the police will.

I spanked my son twice. Once when he was 2 and he tried to run into traffic, I spanked his hand. And the one time at 6, he decided to write on the computers and walls, which he had never before. I cried so much afterward;

I was not completely against whuppings. I reserved the right to decide if they were needed, He's grown now amd i didn't need to whip him. In retospecr I only should have whpped him for running into traffic,

Now my nephew,,,,, He puzzles me. They beat him, knock him upside the head, etc. He is past the point of being whipped. I believe that have topped out on whppings. He is willing to take the consequences.

And I wonder if they could have raised him without whuppings. What would be have been like,
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Aug 28, 2015
One thing that helped me tremendousy, when my son was young, was to bend down in face, hold his face in my hands, make eye contact and very sternly speak to him, maybe raise my voice.

When he got older, just take his electronics...cell phone, 'TV. gaming systems, computer, etc. I often threatened to whip him, if he did so and so. But, he always obeyed.

Maybe some children required beatings and some don't. But, I believe there are better, ways to discipline children. That have more effect, are long lasting, and do not humiliate them. Remember they are not animals, they are not slaves. Our goals are effective communication. JMO
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Jan 22, 2017
Manchester, UK
When I was nine I was what was known as a 'milk boy' - the job entailed placing two bottles of milk on the door steps of every house on my street had four blocks, this job was from 6am - 7am Mon-Fri. I was also a newsboy - this job entailed either delivering newspapers door-to-door from 7am - 8am; or stood on a certain corner selling newspapers from 8am - 8:30am - Mon- Fri. After work I would then make my way to school being mindful not to be tardy otherwise I would be physically punished by a Nun or a Priest.

I was doing my door-to-door paper round one morning and, like every morning I had to deliver on the street of this lad was bullying me. To cut a long story short the bully tried to get a free newspaper for his Dad and, I then 'allegedly' attacked him and, smacked him in the face with a bottle of milk.

Now this was the STORY that was banded about and, I took a serious whipping from my Dad (RIP) because he forewarned what would happen if me, my Brothers and Sister ever picked up a weapon to win a fight, my Dad would point to his knuckles and say these are your weapons.

For my sins I ended up at Moss-Side champ camp. To my advantage no one in my neighbourhood ever messed with me due to the STORY the bully concocted...LOL.

What actually happened was that I instinctually reached for the bottle of milk because this lad was twice my size - I then made a round house move and the bully ran into the bottle.

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