Black People : Why white people need to admit that black people know more about pain


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Jun 7, 2016
Why would you exclude the ones with European DNA? Are you talking a percentage? or total European. Case in point many of the Tribes in both North and South America held black slaves. So how about excluding indigenous with African DNA? Not that it is ever going to happen, meaning giving back to indigenous people.
I would exlude those with majority white DNA because whites are the reason their land was stolen. It makes no sense to exclude those with Black DNA because they werent the ones that brought disease, chattel slavery, and land stealing to the americas.


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Oct 11, 2009
Dominican Republic
I think we have reached the end of this discussion. Especially in light of the fact that it is never going to happen, at least in the Americas. Europe has already be divided up by country so no give back there India and Asia would be a toss up as to who gets what. Australia is not going back to the Aborigines. Antarctica the penguins can keep. And that leaves Africa, who is not going to divide up that easily after China buys it.


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Aug 22, 2018
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Nothing said here changed your initial thoughts. Remember youre the guy that needs a head start. Now youre running away. I kinda figured. This is typical of your race. When confronted by your contradictions and hypocrisy you melt like a snowflake on a hot summer day.
I'm back now. Had a great time too. Shall I bore you with vacation pics? By the way your snowflake comment reminds me of another forum I'm in, a political forum and the subject of glaciers melting came up as a result of my vacation. Did you know all the glaciers in Grand Teton were formed during the little ice age period? News to me and people upset about their melting shouldn't be because they are just retreating to pre LIA levels. Had a great time hiking into multiple glaciers and glacier fed lakes. Better do it while you can because they are indeed melting.
This is Amphitheatre lake. Beautiful hike!

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