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    Hoteph Beloved Sisters and Brothers:

    You know beloved, I read the post title Why White People Are Afraid and I must say it is a well written post, but is out of focus concerning what it is attempting to convey about white people, so let us deal with the subject matter from a practical and Reasonable perspective, because in all things, when seeking the Divine Truth about those things, such require for us to Think objectively and without unjustified prejudice and in this case concerning white people, the Black people prejudice toward white people are justified, because their attitude and behavior shown toward Black people is an experienced fact and it is experience that verify Truth and Reality, Divinely.

    So, what is Fear other than an acquired emotional response, fit only for those that desire to keep something from being known that would have an adverse affect to those which has established a false perception concerning Truth about someone or something that is capable of revealing how deceitful those that are fearful that their Lies will be revealed to be just that, lies made to appear to be true about those or the thing the fearful has lied about, be it known or unkown and the fear is about white people cover of deceitfulness being lifted to show the truth about the liar and deceiver, having much to loose should the Truth is ever revealed about them and in this case, the Them are white people.

    Beloved, it is a false premise that establish the lie that Fear is a common denominator in the living of Life and evil is as well, never has two emotional behavior been successful sold to the world so successfully, so much so until the world has, without question, accepted such a false premise, even to the level such exaggeration has been accepted as the Norm in the action of Life behavioral expression..

    The Primate of Life and this apply on all levels, are not inherently Evil nor innately Fearful, as I have said, such emotional responses are acquired behavioral responses and I must add, there is a difference in being suddenly surprised concerning an unsuspected action than being fearful of an anticipated action.

    Now, where am I going with this, well I Will tell you, and this is the case and point of White People and yes they are people with a laden and hidden fear, but of what and whom, well beloved, White People of Power which Know what they have done in misrepresenting the Divine Truth about most if not all things that the world take from white people to be Divinely True, because White people say that it is.

    So I ask of you beloved, What and Who is the object of White people Lies and acts of being deceitful about, with the Fear coming from White People being that one day the Divine Truth will be revealed about those objects of their disaffection, well I will tell you what and whom it is, White People are fearful of the Truth being revealed about God and the so call Black Afrikan and it is those two Dynamic Force that stand qualified to reveal the weakness of White People, which is that, they are not all they put on to be in the intelligent department and as the writer that originated the post about the Fear of White people has said, most if not all White people have and make claim to, is in their possession by the action of Evil, indicating that what White people are in possession of that reflect them as being a superior Race, has been stolen from somebody else and that somebody else happen to be You, Black Woman and Man !!!

    Tell me, who would not be fearful if they stand to be revealed as being the True Devil, Satan, Lucifer in the World and I ask, has not White People of power, charmed White people of lesser means in life to be prejudice toward Black people as well, based on what they have been told about us by their ancestors, causing them also to exhibit an action reflecting their Attitude and Behavior toward Black people which personify the characteristics of that they have confessed to be, which is Evil, born and shaped in Sin, full of iniquity, all which has been acted out by them toward Black people and is it not a fact that White people have told you nothing but Lies about God and have succeeded in getting the world to Buy into accepting their version of God, Heaven, and Hell, and was and is it not a fact that such a ungodly Doctrinal Lie, directed to defy our Ancient First way Ancestors Theological Knowledgable information about God, Universe and our Black selves ?

    Who is it, after succeeding in causing a world to defy Nature by getting the world to believe instead of Knowing about God, Universe, and Self, would not be Fearful of one day the Truth being Told to the Object of their Lies, which happen to be Black so call Afrikans and we have become a fool for the Lies of white people of power, told to us Black people about us Black people and Beloved, that is why White People Are Afraid Today and was Afraid Yesterday and will be Afraid the Days to come, fearful of the Black Woman and Man, not hearing the Divine Truth about Ourselves but fearful of the Black Woman and Man coming in the Knowledge and Understanding of the Divine Truth about God, Universe and our Black Selves and that is why they will move into Afrika and cause all type of confusion, to the point of claiming it for themselves, that is if we do not wake up in time to prevent the full lost of our Mother and Father Land.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder

    carl umunna <[email protected]> wrote:

    Evil that men do lives after them. Fear is born out of generational evils and generational ills. And each time, one wants it to go away but eachtime it comes back and the evil ones or their pogenators live in fear everyday whether black or white. Crimes against humanity has no boundary so are its consequences. Evil that men do.......... etc.


    .... Lives after them.
    deolandanusa <[email protected]> wrote:
    Can we forget this racial thing for a moment and apply it to
    ourselves as Nigerians.Why are we scared of one another?

    We know we see that unease across ethnic groups and that is why
    everyone seeks to protect his or her priviledge. Part of that issue
    is the census that just came out.What is driving our fears?


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    > - June 7, 2006
    > By Robert Jensen, AlterNet
    > It may seem self-indulgent to talk about the fears of white
    people in a white -supremacist society.
    > After all, what do white people really have to be afraid of in a
    world structured on white privilege?
    > It may be self-indulgent, but it's critical to understand because
    these fears are part of what keeps many white people from confronting
    ourselves and the system.
    > The first, and perhaps most crucial, fear is that of facing the
    fact that some of what we white people have is unearned. It's a
    truism that we don't really make it on our own; we all have plenty of
    help to achieve whatever we achieve. That means that some of what we
    have is the product of the work of others, distributed unevenly
    across society, over which we may have little or no control
    > No matter how hard we work or how smart we are, we all know -- when
    we are honest with ourselves -- that we did not get where we are by
    merit alone. And many white people are afraid of that fact.
    > A second fear is crasser: White people's fear of losing what we
    have -- literally the fear of losing things we own if at some point
    the economic, political, and social systems in which we live become
    more just and equitable. That fear is not completely irrational; if
    white privilege -- along with the other kinds of privilege many of us
    have living in the middle class and above in an imperialist country
    that dominates much of the rest of the world -- were to evaporate,
    the distribution of resources in the United States and in the world
    would change, and that would be a good thing. We would have less.
    That redistribution of wealth would be fairer and more just. But in a
    > world in which people have become used to affluence and material
    comfort, that possibility can be scary.
    > A third fear involves a slightly different scenario -- a world in
    which non-white people might someday gain the kind of power over
    whites that whites have long monopolized. One hears this constantly
    in the conversation about immigration, the lingering fear that
    > somehow "they" (meaning not just Mexican-Americans and Latinos more
    generally, but any non-white immigrants) are going to keep moving to
    this country and at some point become the majority demographically.
    > Even though whites likely can maintain a disproportionate share of
    wealth, those numbers will eventually translate into political,
    economic, and cultural power. And then what? Many whites fear that
    the result won't be a system that is more just, but a system in
    > which white people become the minority and could be treated as
    whites have long treated non-whites. This is perhaps the deepest fear
    that lives in the heart of whiteness. It is not really a fear of non-
    white people. It's a fear of the depravity that lives in our own
    hearts: Are non-white people capable of doing to us the barbaric
    things we
    > have done to them?
    > A final fear has probably always haunted white people but has
    become more powerful since the society has formally rejected overt
    racism: The fear of being seen, and seen-through, by non-white people.
    > Virtually every white person I know, including white people
    fighting for racial justice and including myself, carries some level
    of racism in our minds and hearts and bodies. In our heads, we can
    pretend to eliminate it, but most of us know it is there. And because
    we are all supposed to be appropriately anti-racist, we carry that
    > racism with a new kind of fear: What if non-white people look at us
    and can see it?
    > What if they can see through us? What if they can look past our
    anti-racist vocabulary and sense that we still don't really know how
    to treat them as equals? What if they know about us what we don't
    dare know about ourselves? What if they can see what we can't even
    > I work in a large university with a stated commitment to racial
    justice. All of my faculty colleagues, even the most reactionary,
    have a stated commitment to racial justice. And yet the fear is
    > It is a fear I have struggled with, and I remember the first time I
    ever articulated that fear in public. I was on a panel with several
    other professors at the University of Texas discussing race and
    politics in the O.J. Simpson case. Next to me was an African
    > American professor. I was talking about media; he was talking about
    the culture's treatment of the sexuality of black men. As we talked,
    I paid attention to what was happening in me as I sat next to him. I
    felt uneasy. I had no reason to be uncomfortable around him, but I
    wasn't completely comfortable. During the question-and- answer period
    > -- I don't remember what question sparked my comment -- I turned to
    him and said something like, "It's important to talk about what
    really goes on between black and white people in this country. For
    instance, why am I feeling afraid of you? I know I have no reason to
    be afraid, but I am. Why is that?"
    > My reaction wasn't a crude physical fear, not some remnant of being
    taught that black men are dangerous (though I have had such reactions
    to black men on the street in certain circumstances) . Instead, I
    think it was that fear of being seen through by non-white people,
    especially when we are talking about race.
    > In that particular moment, for a white academic on an O.J. panel,
    my fear was of being exposed as a fraud or some kind of closet racist.
    > Even if I thought I knew what I was talking about and was being
    appropriately anti-racist in my analysis, I was afraid that some
    lingering trace of racism would show through, and that my black
    colleague would identify it for all in the room to see. After I
    publicly recognized the fear, I think I started to let go of some of
    it. Like anything, it's a struggle. I can see ways in which I have
    made progress. I can see that in many situations I speak more freely
    and honestly as I let go of the fear. I make mistakes, but as I
    become less terrified of making mistakes I find that I can trust my
    > instincts more and be more open to critique when my instincts are
    > Robert Jensen is a journalism professor at the University of Texas at Austin.
    > He is the author of, most recently, The Heart of Whiteness:
    Confronting Race, Racism and White Privilege (City Lights Books),
    from which this essay is excerpted.