Black Relationships : Why We Marry.

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    What is marriage? And why do we marry? Tracing the word itself, we arrive at the kemetic word - myr- which means "beloved." Attached to the word "marriage" is the word "age" a word that unfortunately goes unnoticed. "Age" is a period of time, it is not forever, it is not a constant. Therefore- Marriage, is a period of time with your beloved.

    One might say, well that's true for life in general. Life is also only an age, a period of time. This is why it is accurate to ask your beloved to "spend" their life with you. Which is not forever either, "spending life" like "spending time" is only an investment in particular moments that draw our attention.

    So when a Man gets down on one knee, and asks a Woman for her hand in marriage- that act, is only a declaration of something that might exist between them already. A spending of life, or time, an investment in an age between two people that are love mates.

    "Why we marry" might be something entirely different. "This Woman is mine!" Is enough of a declaration for some Men to get married. "This Woman is off the market. You can't have her. She is mine mine mine. Game over." For some Women it's enough to get married just for the attention during the Wedding or to know she belongs to someone. Having a Husband is always a good excuse not to go someplace she doesn't really want to go. "You crazy Girl- my Husband won't let me go to that party tonight- he'd kill me!" In other cases, marriage is a subtle 24-7 celebration that says, we are wanted, someone needs and loves us, and we are healthy enough to carry on a domestic relationship with someone of the opposite sex.

    That is, until all hemp breaks loose.

    When people ask me what marriage is supposed to be, these days I reply with one word. "Hemp." It always helps to be as ambiguous as possible, then people do their own research. Why hemp? Well, both hemp and marijuana are only varieties of the cannabis plant. Often confused for the same thing- they are not the same. I trust that herbal enthusiasts already know this. Cannabis- or "Can (canine) Anubis" represents "the protector and patron souls: guardian of the gateway."

    OK- why am I breaking this down and associating it with marriage? Plain English? Hemp is more useful. Hemp can be used as fuel, made into clothing, fabrics, made into paper- there are over 30,000 products that can made from hemp. What does marijuana do?

    It gets you high.

    And yet it's bragged about from every high mountain like it's the savior of the free world.

    True. The FDA classifies Hemp as marijuana, and it's still illegal to grow it in the states- but for different reasons. The point here is, some people get mar-ried for the same reason people buy mari-juana= to get high. Hoping that person will "lift them up" from their present condition. Men get high through sex and food. Let me marry this Woman so when I come home from work, I can get a good meal, I won't have to worry about these microwave dinners anymore- I won't have to worry about dating, movies-going to a restaurant...she's right there! And we can have sex!!

    Women get high off security and provisions. A Man can provide the home, get bills paid, keep a car or two and allow her to spend her entire paycheck on herself...she's good to go.

    But that's not what marriage is really supposed to be. Because those situations can be easily compromised. There's nothing wrong with the Husband being the provider, or the Wife being the Sex kitten serving sandwiches and beer- that's beautiful, but only a component of marriage and not it's definition.

    The problem with getting married to "get high" is that no one, stays high. Every relationship has it's highs, lows, very highs and very very lows. All you have to do is watch 'Divorce Court" for one day to realize just how many people get married under the illusion of getting and staying high.

    Like I said, both hemp and marijuana come from the cannabis plant. Which is Anubis, our kemetic deity of the underworld. He is the protector of souls. The Guardian. L.L. Cool J once said something very flattering about his Wife, he said- before meeting her my life was really messed up and by marrying her I felt as if I had "inherited" (his words) some of her Angels.

    Think on that one.

    In truth. The sacred union is between a person and their protectors, beit Ancestors, spirits, guardians, guides, Angels etc., the sacred Union is between us and these beings and entities. That is the REAL union. We must understand how important that Union is, because these powers aide in our survival, they keep us alive. In religious language a person might say "I am one with God." Even before taking on a Wife or a Husband a person should be conscious and aware of that relationship, otherwise no true "marriage" could exist beyond the level of getting high.

    However since marijuana is a division of Anubis, it does have it's purpose. "To find self" is usually the purpose of any mind altering herb. Mind altering relationships also help us to find self. However the illusion is that we believe those relationships are meant to fail eventually. They have to fail. Because once self is found, self moves on.

    The only relationships that last a lifetime as "hemp" marriages. Meaning whatever happens those two people are work together to great a product that will fuel their relationship.

    Just don't let all the hemp break loose.

    The power of a sacred union takes place when two people "inherits" one another's Angels, Gods, Deities etc. The purpose? What is their purpose? What is the purpose for an Ancestor to be "married" with us? What is the purpose for a spirit or Guide to devote themselves to guiding us through life? For protection. To preserve us. To make sure we carry out our tasks on this planet safely without fail. We are just as well "beloved" by our Ancestors and Guardians as we can belove any living being. We often forget this. That there are beings as in love with us as we are capable of loving a life partner.

    When we acknowledge this, and then bring that energy into our relationships and marriages, then those marriages aren't defined by their highs and lows. They are defined instead by the reciprocity that comes about naturally because of this arrangement.

    An African Prince- took a beautiful Princess in his arms- and he asked "will you agree to marry me?" She looked him in his eyes and said "do you wish to marry me because I am beautiful or because you love me?" He said "neither- I wish to marry you because the same spirits that are in love with me are also in love with you...through my love for them- you my dear, have enchanted me."


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