Black People Politics : Why we don't have power

I once read somewhere that there is "No such thing as fiction or fantasy" it must be real somewhere, sometime(possibility) or Similar....else it could not be thought of or dreamed up.
OMNI magazine was great...."Fact is where Fiction has already been"

It does Appear Black African Americans have no Power because White Supremacy targets and destroys nearly every Progressive Black Movement for Social Political and Economic change. Yet still every year we black people are able to express ourselves more despite the hate...mainly through Religious Organization.

They're going to attack what they cannot capitalize on.
I shared this with a number of people.

Would you consider some sort of collaboration?

I have already been thinking about creating some kind of animated online educational course for young (black) people in order to arm them with this kind of information.
Have you looked at:

Black Man's Burden & Border, Breed nor Birth in Project Gutenberg yet?
I don't consider myself a Trekkie but this is the best Star Trek in my opinion.

This is also an example of what happens when a company stops being afraid of strong black women and figures out how to depict that strength in a positive way.

Compared to Deep Space Nine?

See the House of Quark episode for accounting.

Trekker! Don't be insulting.
They're going to attack what they cannot capitalize on.
It is not Incidental to Greed and The Profit Motive of is Integral
Worst.....It is Malicious and Targeted to Black People Specifically.

People with Big budgets of Millions of dollars and high Contacts and access in The Government and The Business Sector of The US. Meet often and regularly to discuss how to instigate and increase Black and African Failure Rate. Depending on various factors some do so Knowingly whilst most do so Unknowingly.


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