Black Atheists : Why Was This Bible Even Written?


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May 26, 2019
:computer: WHY WAS THE BIBLE EVEN WRITTEN? If it was to reveal about this one Jesus who died on a cross to take away mankind's sins, then why is there still this promise of "Judgment day?" That's if this one Hebrew Jewish individual named Jesus died for the [sins] of humankind. The Bible is nothing more than Judaism [Jewish] so called religious history! That's why the Jew's claim that they were their"created" Gods choosen people. The Bible isn't a reflection of the world, it's a reflection of the Jewish people and their unsubstainated factual history. There is no way :what:that word for word could be accounted for, etc. The Bible is not authority over humankind as it addresses a racial ethinic Jewish group of human beings. If you are a Christain, which is a offshoot of Judaism, you are:bowdown: practicing a Jewish religion. Btw, Christians are people that believe in and follow this Hebrew Jew Jesus Christ. The word came from Jesus's so called name Christ! One cannot separate Christianity from actual Judaism as the religious history is one in the same! Therefore this Bible was actually written explaining the religious history of the Hebrew Jewish [Judaism as it called] people. God as the divine enity is called is a actually created Jewish God, and is accepted as your Christian God as well. Lets see you try and separate:research: the two called Religions! They both are of the same religious history! Enough said...

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