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    Why this depression? [ A question put to me by several devotees]

    Let Me answer your question straight with a simple example
    You have caught a hot iron rod with your hand and you are weeping
    You are asking Me to remove the heat from the rod and give you happiness
    For this you are constantly praying the Lord to use His special power.
    I have to laugh at this situation because the easiest solution is to remove
    Your hand from the rod to be happy, which you are not doing at all
    You cannot get rid of your attachment to the rod, but you pray the Lord
    To cool the rod using His Maya, is this prayer justified in any way?
    Why don’t you get detached from your family bonds and be happy?
    The hand with which you have caught your family members is your mind
    You detach your mind from the bonds of your family members
    And be peaceful always and there is no need of praying the Lord for this
    When the solution is in your hand why do you ask the Lord for it?
    When the solution is out of your hands there may be justice in asking the Lord

    In the first stage you detach your mind from them and be worry less
    In course of time when your detachment by mind becomes complete
    You will spontaneously leave your duties also and attain bliss
    The detachment from the family comes by your attachment with the Lord
    As the bond with the Lord becomes more and more strong, your family bonds
    Become weaker and weaker and finally all the bonds disappear
    In this state you are left over only with the bond with the Lord
    This state is called “Eka Bhakthih” in Gita or the single pointed devotion
    Devotion means love and this is related to the plane of mind
    As the faculty of intelligence becomes more and more sharp
    By the knowledge preached by the Lord, the devotion to Lord
    Becomes more and more strong, thus knowledge is acting as
    Both fertilizer as well as pesticide on both the sides simultaneously
    It acts as a fertilizer for the bond with the Lord, which is like a plant
    The plant grows slowly and becomes a huge tree by this fertilizer
    The family bonds are like the insects that attack this devotion plant
    For those insects this divine knowledge acts as a pesticide also
    The knowledge is also the generating factor like the water for the seed
    Only by the knowledge of the Lord, the devotion is generated
    Devotion is the love or attraction towards the Lord to attain Him
    It ends in agony or Vedana as told by Ramanuja, thus knowledge is
    The generating factor, the fertilizer and the pesticide simultaneously
    When Rukmini heard all the details of Lord Krishna from sage Narada
    She developed intensive attraction for the Lord and that is devotion
    Sankara emphasized on the knowledge and Ramanuja on devotion

    Knowledge is the generator of devotion and devotion is the cause
    For the achievement of the Lord, by the devotion of Rukmini only
    The Lord came and married her, thus devotion ends in the achievement of the Lord
    Gita says the same “Bhaktya tvananyaya”, now when the devotion is full
    The family bonds are completely broken; Rukmini did not care for her
    Brother and parents and even the tradition, therefore, as the devotion grows
    The family bonds are cut simultaneously, without the attachment to Lord
    The detachment from family is impossible because only after tasting
    The divine nectar, one can leave all the worldly drinks spontaneously
    Attachment of one thing should lead to the detachment of other thing
    Simple detachment from the family without the attachment to the Lord
    Becomes impossible, even if achieved does not stand permanently
    Without tasting the divine nectar, if you leave the worldly drinks
    It is meaningless and one day or other you will run to the worldly drinks
    Finally, the real devotion is proved only by the selfless service
    Rukmini served the Lord after attaining Him, she constantly pressed
    His divine feet and her aim was not to become the queen of Dwaraka
    Madhva shows this service as the real proof of the true love

    In the beginning you should try for the detachment from the family
    By withdrawing your attraction or mind slowly from these worldly bonds
    This can be achieved once you start binding yourself with the Lord
    The attachment to the Lord is directly proportional to the detachment
    From the worldly bonds, but don’t think that you have been detached fully
    The full detachment by mind from the worldly bonds can be tested by you
    As the mind gets detached, the concentration in the duties is diluted
    Don’t fear that this may spoil your duties. No! Never! Be sure!
    Because your detachment from the duty is due to your attachment to the Lord
    The Lord will take care of your duties, in fact that is far below to His level
    His servants like Hanuman will take care of the success in your duties
    If your duty is diluted due to your laziness or diversion to some other
    Worldly affair, then your duty will be definitely spoiled, but if you become
    His devotee, will the Lord keep silent if your duties are failing?
    This is the real point of the faith on the Lord, practical field is real
    Devotees say that they have full faith in the Lord, but they fail in practice
    Their faith is only theoretical, when practical comes they slip tremendously
    Some people say that their mind is fully dedicated to the Lord and
    Just they are doing the duties externally, this is a complete hypocrisy
    Because the duty is always proportional to the attachment of the mind
    By the will of the mind only you can do anything, if the mind is not willing
    You can do nothing, therefore your action is a mirror of your mind
    When you are doing the worldly actions or duties, your mind is certainly
    Absorbed and concentrated on the worldly affairs only, don’t fool the Lord
    Can the omniscient Lord be fooled by your hypocrisy? Then whom you are fooling?
    Are you fooling the public? What is the use of it? Finally it means that
    You are fooling yourself, therefore be sincere and truthful in the spiritual path
    When your mind is fully absorbed in the Lord then your duties fully disappear
    That shows your full faith in the Lord and so your duties are done the best
    By the servants of the Lord and this stage is the final ripened stage
    Sankara left His duty of serving the old mother and went for the mission
    The mother of Sankara was permanently granted the divine abode of the Lord
    May be, she might have faced some temporary inconvenience in her last life
    But that is nothing compared to the divine fruit she got from the Lord
    See the faith of Sankara on the Lord who left His old mother and He was only
    One son to her, she was not helped by anybody since she was abandoned
    By her relatives and lives outside the village in a small hut.
    You cannot expect that final state to day itself, i.e., the final goal
    You must try to reach that goal everyday and try in every minute
    Slowly one day or other by the grace of the Lord you will surely reach the goal.
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option
    with all due respect

    i didn't see anything here to help my depression caused by the imminent

    eviction from my home i'm facing

    and the hunger i've had to expose myself to try to make ends meet
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    Never allow the worry to enter your heart in difficult times. When it knocks the door, shout at it to go away. Don’t open the doors of the mind. If you allow it, it is a thief which steals away your energy. It is like the dog that steals away your food. It is like the cat that steals away your milk. Food is your energy and milk is your courage. When you loose courage and energy tension is created, which is the source of all chronic diseases. Doctors say that the tension raises the level of lactic acid in the blood, which opens all the doors for all the chronic diseases. The physical health is spoiled because the mind and body are related to each other. The illness in the body affects the mind. The tension in the mind affects the body. Such tension results in the loss of memory and loss of intelligence.

    In such state you are completely inefficient to plan for the solution. Your body is incapable of executing any plan. The worry cannot solve the problem and moreover it weakens you so that you will become permanently incapable to solve the problem.

    Therefore neither should you run away from the life nor should allow the worry to enter your mind. If your realization about the unreality of the cinema, which is this life, continues, instead of worry, you can enjoy the problem in your life, which is as good as a tragic scene in the cinema. You may argue that you are involved in the life and not standing outside the life to be a spectator. This argument is not correct. The answer for your argument is that you can enjoy the tragic scene even if you are involved in it just like an actor acting in a drama.

    If you are aware that the drama is unreal and if you are aware that you are only acting the role which is also unreal, you can still enjoy the drama as a spectator of the cinema even though you are involved in it.

    Whenever you face difficulties and if you have not realized the unreality of the world (forms and feelings), there are two ways to solve your problem. One way is in natural level and the other way is in super natural level. The nature is the separated power from the Lord, which follows the rules of the logic and is called as Prakruti. The nature is separated because it becomes the separate object to be observed by God who is the spectator. God created this universe to see it for His entertainment. Even if He enters the world as human incarnation the spectatorship and entertainment continues because there is no difference between cinema and drama as far as its unreality is considered. Therefore if your problem is at the level of the nature, try to solve it using your courage and energy without allowing the worry into your mind which steals both these.

    If your problem is beyond the level of the nature, then also you cannot solve it by allowing the worry. In such case the super power (Maya) has to enter into this world sent by God. The Maya is never separated from God unlike the Prakruti. Now, only the super power of the God can solve your problem and for this you must concentrate on God. For such concentration also, you need the energy and therefore you should not allow the worry to enter your mind even in this case. For doing concentration on God, you require the congenial atmosphere of real devotees around you. Therefore whenever the problem that requires the super power to interfere enters your life, you have to immediately prevent the entry of the worry into your mind and you have to enter into the association of real devotees so that you can concentrate on God for help.

    If you remain in the association of the ordinary human beings, they will magnify the impossibility of the solution and force the worry to enter your mind. If you leave the association of these dirty people, who do not want to solve your problem and if you enter into the association of real devotees, you can easily concentrate on God for help. God will give an immediate stay because the problem cannot be cancelled forever due to the cycle of deeds presided by justice. However, the temporary stay has the possibility of permanent solution also. After the stay, there may be a chance for you to become a liberated soul by entering into the service of the God in which case your file may be condemned permanently.

    If you are ungrateful to the help which involves the super power of God, your file will be opened after some time and the punishment can be given to you in some other form so that your impression about the cancelling of that problem by God is not disturbed. Therefore, at every step of your life, become grateful to God and transform yourself as a liberated soul through service to Him which alone can give the permanent solution.

    You may be compensated regarding your loss in course of time. Thus you may recover the loss but the time you spent in worry can never be compensated. Since your lifetime is a fixed quantum, the loss of time cannot be compensated. If you entertain yourself with enjoyment even during the time of loss, the time is not lost. When the loss is compensated you have gained both the time and the lost thing.
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    I think I understand what's written here; instead of asking the Father to take away our depression from difficult situations we are in, we need only to remove ourselves from the difficult situation, or if we cannot, simply remove the worry that we have about it.

    I get that. After all, the Holy Son warned us of worrying about things we cannot control; things the Father has already knowledge of, according to what we need.

    One should just hold onto faith, which He brought when He came to be sacrificed for our sins, and one should know He will be with us always. I n our faith and belief, we show a devotion that doesn't go unrecognized by the Father, but is the very thing He rewards as the Son justifies us in our faith to His sacrifice and belief in His works and resurrection.
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    So, I would have to ask, what is wrong with the family? Could they be unsure, fearful, and feeling hopeless and depressed themselves? If you have saved the whole world and lost your family, what is the profit? My advice: find the way, by asking Heavenly Father for the direction. If one is sincere, you will find ways opening; however, don't be two faced. Remain loyal, and determined to continue down the path that is true to His teachings through Christ. There will always be a problem to solve, for that is why we are here -- to learn and be proven faithful to the Lord. Start with a prayer and seal it in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. Sometimes the answer comes by being removed from one location and way of life to begin new and shiny following the Lord to a new beginning and way of life. Truth. Be loyal through the good times and the bad. All things will work for your good. Continue study of the scriptures. Start by fixing things where you are. Then expand in prosperity as your knowledge of God expands. Go back and save the family.