Kenya : Why the Scapegoating of Kenya?

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    Want to travel to Mexico, and risk, kidnapping, police set-ups or drug gang drive bys, no problem, but traveling to te birth place of Pan Africanist Jomo Kenyatta, and the Mau Maus, is a no no?
    civil unrest? No, plague? No, so what is it?

    Interview with Mwandawiro Mghanga
    By Andre Vltchek, April 21, 2010

    ANDRE VLTCHEK: Can you tell us something about the media coverage of Kenya? It seems to be almost exclusively negative.

    MWANDAWIRO MGHANGA: The negative coverage translates to negative and hostile actions against Kenya. Up to now, the United States still has travel ban against Kenya. It is amazing Obama’s government still says that Kenya is not a safe place to travel to.

    VLTCHEK: Do you think it was part of the U.S. economic pressure on Kenya when Delta Airlines decided in 2009, at the last moment, against launching its long-awaited service to Nairobi?

    MGHANGA: Yes, it was. Why can’t they just come? We have a lot of crime but people still move. It is not like when you go to Israel. It is easier to die from a bomb in Israel than in the streets of Nairobi. And yet so far there is no travel ban for travel to Israel. The United States is still discouraging travel to Kenya even after the recent visit here by the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. The Delta issue was clearly meant to undermine Kenya.

    VLTCHEK: Apparently, there are some personal issues between Barack Obama and Kenyan elites.

    MGHANGA: When Obama came here as a senator and you know one of his ancestors background is from Kenya, I mean his father, he made some comments about corruption and bad governance. Then the appointed ambassador to the United States, Oginga Ogego who at that time had not even handed his credentials to the U.S. government, yet, said that Obama was a junior senator from a junior state, and had no status to tell us things like that. Well, and later Obama became the president of the United States.

    VLTCHEK: Did he take it personally?

    MGHANGA: I hope not. If he had taken it personally it would have been naïve of him. Here I am — I have been to prison, tortured, and I didn’t take it personally. I also think that Obama doesn’t want to be accused of giving too much attention to Kenya — to the country where his father came from.

    VLTCHEK: Giving too much attention?

    MGHANGA: Yes, too much attention to Africa and Kenya where his roots are — this part of the world, which is in such mess!
    Interview with Mwandawiro Mghanga
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    Israel bombs and kills over 2000 Palestinians in November 08 and u can burn ur life savings there if you like. What a wash. I have always known Mr Obama would shun Kenya and black peoples. He never went there until he became senator. I think he only went there once when he was young. Dude has a granny there still alive and neva found time to visit. This dude is all over Indonesia and Pakistan thru the years and can't give his own half bro who lives on a dollar a day a lift. He also shun his aunt who was living in Boston illegally. Black folk need to hold this dude accountable instead of giving him the benefit of the doubt. They cut if not canceled AIDS medicine but I bet if Kenya wanted and had the loot for F-16s, there would be problemo delivering.