Black Poetry : Why? The love poem

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    Why. Why do we fall in love when nothing last forever. Why do we feel so down in the midst of stormy weather. Why. Why is shattered hearts meant to be put back together. Why do we chase people that wouldn't even walk a couple feet after us. Why is it that solid plans for the future merely turn into dust. Why isn't there a soul that I can trust. Why isn't there loyalty. Why do they treat u like a serpent and u put them on the highest pedastill and treat them like royalty. Why do we have a heart. Why is it that 6's and 7's get paid no mind but figure 8's get more attention than the good women. Not to mention all these so called men want one thing. See the bigger picture? They just see the better figure. Don't get me started with these females they just see the better *****. I'm not that better ***** no ima better man with dreams of havin a nice job and coming down the isle walking hand and hand. Watching my son grow up having conversations man to man. Something that that better ***** wouldn't understand. So regardless if u leave me or believe in me ima always hold my chin high. Walk out on me ima pray about 10 times for someone. Even if they're from the past please send God.